How much do you know about Twilight?

This quiz is about the Twilight Saga, books and movies. What book did Jabob become a werewolf in? Does Alice have any siblings? Did Carlisle ever live with the Volturi? These and more are all questions on my quiz.

I was motivated to make this quiz when I went to see New Moon, and then went to this website. I knew I had to make it. It was like Fate. Anyway, if you took this quiz, I would really appreciate it.

Created by: Miss Awesome

  1. Jacob becomes a werewolf in what book?
  2. How many vampires are there in the Cullen coven? (not including Bella)
  3. Who plays Bella?
  4. Does Bella ever become a vampire?
  5. What year did Edward become a vampire?
  6. Why did Edward become a vampire?
  7. Who plays Alice
  8. Did Alice have any siblings in her mortal life?
  9. Why did Rosalie become a vampire? Choose closest answer possible
  10. How many siblings did Rosalie have?
  11. Esme is a vampire because she either jumped or fell off a cliff. Why or How?
  12. Esme was the...
  13. How long has Carlisle walked the Earth in years?
  14. Has Carlisle ever lived with the Volturi?
  15. Where do the Volturi live?
  16. Last but not least, When did/does New Moon come out?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Twilight?