Do you really know the Twilight Saga?

Are You sure you know the Twilight Saga?? Because if you do this is the ultimate Quiz !! (My Opinion)IT is Trying and a little comlipcated if you didn't read the Saga.

Are you ready for the Quiz of Twilight? Are you sure you can score the High? Well if you think you can this is some of the core stuff that most readers don't pay attention to. So if you think you can do it try this Quiz.

Created by: Bella

  1. When does Jacob first come in in Twilight?
  2. Who asked this, "How strongly do you oppose to Grand Theft Auto?"
  3. Who is supposed to bring Bella to the Nurse after blood typing in biology?
  4. What are the Volturi Leader's names?
  5. What was Bella's child's name in Breaking Dawn?
  6. Who interceded in the NewBorn vampire War in Eclipse?
  7. What did Bella Break when she punched Jacob?
  8. What was about to smush Bella in Twilight?
  9. What two schools are we aware of that Bella got accepteed to?
  10. What gouged into Bella's hand in the forest?
  11. In Breaking Dawn does Jacob want to kill the Cullens at first?
  12. Did JAcob kiss Bella without her permmision?
  13. Did Leah get hurt by a New Born?
  14. Who created Bella's Wedding Dress?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know the Twilight Saga?