mysterious love story

Hey!!!!!! It's Chopinssonata. As you can see on my profile page, that I'm a 'newbie'. So please don't judge my writing too much. Feel free to comment.

This is about well, a mysterious love story. You go on an amazing adventure solving a mystery. This mystery contains an assassination, love triangles, and chapters that'll leave you speechless

Created by: chopinssonata

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  1. It was the bitterest of December. It was the worst of times and well, the worst of times. Your Parents were suffering from tuberculosis and your sister had high fever. The only good news was that you still had your childhood friend Eli. Your meeting wasn't destiny but something close to it. When you were only 8 you ran away from home to live in the great outdoors. But as you were walking down the street you saw a boy your age digging through a silver rubbish bin. "What are you doing?" You questioned. "Lookin' for something to eat. I haven't 'ad anything to eat these past few days". He said as he turned around to see your face. You couldn't quite see his facial features because his face was caked with coal and dirt. "Would you like some?" As you offered him half of the food you packed for your adventure in the forest. He gladly accepted as the two of you began picnicing on someone else's driveway. ( what are your thoughts?)
  2. While talking to him you find out that his name is Eli. He also told you about how his parents died from a terminal disease and he has no other family members. Despite the fact that you have now spent only 3 hours and 45 minutes knowing him, you wanted to give him a home. "How about you stay with me and my family? " he paused for a moment. " I wouldn't want to impose on you but I'd like that." You were overjoyed that you had finally had a friend. This only happened because, the girls at school rejected you for being a tomboy and all the guys thought you had cooties. So basically, you were an outsider.( your thoughts)
  3. Despite all the depression surrounding you, the thing that was bugging you the most was your first day of high school. It was today and you were at the point of pulling all your hair out. You headed toward the garage with Eli to get your bicycles to head to school. As you were riding down the steep rolling hill away from your little yellow cottage your thoughts consumed you. The thought of being an outsider again was mortifying. Although, you and Eli weren't the same people you were a couple years ago. You had grown taller, thinner and had naturally rosy cheeks. Eli wasn't the same kid you met years ago while he was digging into the trash. He is still skinny and tall but, his curly brown hair and crystal blue eyes make him resemble Frodo Baggins. That thought made you feel relieved for a brief moment as you were snapped back into reality when you ran over 2 pedestrians. Your bike swerved and you landed on top of them. (Thoughts?)
  4. When he saw you off your bike and that you landed on two people, Eli hurried over and helped you up. " Thanks a bunch" you said as you stood upright and brushed the dirt off your pants. " No problem, but you should apologize to them" He said as he pointed to the two boys toppled on top of each other. You and Eli pulled them back onto their feet. You stayed silent for a minute and observed them, but it looked like they were doing the same.They appeared to be identical twins who were taller than you with hazel eyes, ginger-brown hair and they happened to be Scottish . " So sorry. I really didn't mean to-" . You started to apologize as you were cut off by one of them. " Not only did we see quite a show but we met a cute girl who's quite funny and cute. So why are you apologizing?". " Sorry for my brothers rudeness. I am Nick and that's Jake. But he is right. You're quite a card and you're cute as well.". This comment made your face as red as a cherry. Eli noticed this and said " why don't we start 'eading to our classes? they're about to start anyway." " That's a idea. Oh by the way my name is ______._________ __________. Sorry again about running over your faces with my bike.". After that you, the twins and Eli started heading for your classrooms. Unfortunately you didn't have any classes with them but, you all promised to meet up at the cafeteria. As you assessed your schedule, you headed to calculus ( yes you are one of the smartest freshman this year). Almost all the seats are empty so you sit in the back row trying not to draw any attention to yourself. Then a boy with black hair, forest green eyes, a bruise on his cheek and glasses sits next to you. ( thoughts)
  5. "H-h-hi. May I sit next to you? you look tough enough to scare away the seniors.". The boy with glasses said as he murmured the last part. But not quiet enough because you could still hear him. " Excuse me for not looking like some kind of prissy girl who can't even lift 5 pounds!!!". You screeched. "I really didn't meant the last part but you have to understand, I'm beat up and shoved into the lockers by the seniors. So that's why I need a friend that looks tough.". In a weird way you feel appreciated and annoyed that someone would pick you to defend them from the seniors. " I guess that's okay. by the way I'm _______.". " Nice to meet you _______ I'm Daniel.". Through the rest of the class period you would just experience awkward silence and times that the two you would talk for a minute or two. When the class was over you started heading to biology where you had to sit 3 to a long rectangular desk. Unsure, you just sat in the middle of a vacant desk. Then came in two arguing boys who slightly resembled each other. 'Oh god no. Please don't sit next to me' you thought. Luck doesn't seem to be on your side today because they sit on either side of you. 'Trapped like and animal' you thought. Throughout half the class period their dispute never ended. There were many times you wanted to scream ' shut your mouths!!'. But you didn't want to start a fight. " why do you always have to be the center of attention!!" . The one with pale blond hair and crystal blue eyes bellowed. "Well, it's not like I'm the illegitimate child.". The one with the dirty-blond wavy hair and crisp blue eyes said slyly. "That's it your going down!!" At this point you were biting on your lip to keep yourself from yelling and trying to keep your hands entwined to prevent putting them both into a headlock and make them explain their situation. As they began wrestling each other you .........( what did you do to solve their conflict?)
  6. Whatever you ended up doing did not resolve the conflict. "Enough!!" you screeched as you pulled them apart from each other and put them into a headlock. "One way or another, the both of you are gonna solve your conflict." You then transitioned from putting them into a headlock into pulling on their ears and pushing them into the custodian's closet. With the help of your trusty Bobby pin that you pulled out of your hair, you were able to lock the door. At first they struggled but eventually they calmed down and hopefully worked out their issues. Or not. By this point you didn't care what they did. But as long as there was silence, you were perfectly fine with it. Besides putting two strangers in a headlock and locking them inside a custodians closet, the rest of biology wasn't interesting in the least bit. While leaving biology, you slipped your Bobby pin underneath the crack of the door and headed to the cafeteria. When entering the cafeteria there were murmurs all around. But, no one could tell you what to do or who to be so you just ignored them. You slipped into the lunch line next to the twins. "Hey! I just put two people in a headlock and trapped them into a janitors closet.". You said enthusiastically. "Well, you don't 'ear that everyday." . "You sure don't. We've been causing pranks all throughout the school. We even put a little treat in the mystery surprise." This amazed you that they could pull something off like this and grossed you out at the same time. "How were you able to pull off these pranks? ". You questioned. "We received inside help from the seniors." Nick replied. "But how? I met a freshmen today who received a beating from the seniors.". "Really? Today we met a majority of the seniors and they seemed pleasant. But what was extremely strange was that they were afraid of a freshmen. What was his name......... it was Daniel. Daniel Williams.". "That's impossible. He's the person that-". Then, you were interrupted by the over steaming and bubbling mystery surprise.
  7. You watched as the pot of mystery surprise bubbled up to the point of exploding. The only way you could tell is the faint whistling in the background. Every second that ticked by, was another second closer to the sticky explosion. To others, this specific event may have passed by quickly. But for you, every single detail played out in slow motion. It began with the erruption of the mystery surprise. " watch out!!". Someone shouted as they tackled you to the floor. Your eyes fluttered open to find that Nick had pinned you down. The only difference between the twins were their personalities. Nick isn't nearly as mischevious as Jake. Plus, Nick has a sweeter side, while Jake is more of a sweet talker. In a way, it seemed bizarre that someone would've pinned you down. That was because you happened to be a lot stronger than any guy you knew . But this was different, he was stronger. You wouldn't have called this a new experience but, there was a spark. You could feel his steamy breath on your face. It felt as if you were the only two in the world for just a brief second. Then you were interrupted by who you never would've thought. You were greeted by the furious faces of Eli and Jake
  8. Is it bad that this is a cliffhamger?
  9. Your thoughts? Please don't judge too harshly
  10. Feel free to comment. I'll start working on the second soon!!!!! Ciao!!!

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