Team EdWaRd or Team JaCoB

Take a chance and take this quiz!!! Be brave!!! Are you team edward or team jacob. Youll never know unless you take the quiz!!!! Come on! =) TEam Edward= vamps rule Team Jake= wolfs rock

FOr all you truely confused twilght fans out there. Find out what team your really on and take my quiz. finally la la la lala la la la la la dont worry the quiz will be fun

Created by: erynn

  1. QUICK!!! Live forever, die with your true love or have neither and live life to da fullest but as a human??
  2. whats your favorite season?
  3. Quick temper?
  4. Did you like Breaking Dawn?
  5. Pick one raw meat , human food or blood
  6. whats your favorite book?
  7. Choose a scent
  8. Do you like to run?
  9. How are you liking this test?
  10. dfjjfjjsfjkjfdjgkja? *laughs* do you get it?

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