Could you be apart of team spectre?

Team spectre , the highest ranking team inside of the league of ghosts. Many believe they have what it takes but this test will decide for certain. If you pass you'll need to take the other related tests as we cannot pair two people in the same dorm or as partners if we know they would clash.

This is related to a story I'm developing please do not reuse anything this includes the one in results thank you please obey this rule as I would be very hurt.

Created by: Puppet master12
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  1. The building in front of you catches on fire in a stimulation . Your order was to grab the relic and get back to meeting point ASAP. You have the relic but three teammates are trapped inside.
  2. On a mission you suspect a tea member is a mole. The team member is injured and about to die what do you do?
  3. You wake up and are told that if you kill your teammates you will be moved up to the next rank.
  4. What do you pride yourself on when it comes to an assaination mission?
  5. You catch a teenage girl spiking a mans drink what do you do? However this man is known for kidnapping children of the ages 5-19 to use as lab subjects and many other things.
  6. What must you lose to join the guild of ghosts?
  7. What weapon is appropriate for a simple and clean assanaition.
  8. Why is it important to dye your hair a plain colour?
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  10. I

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