Mission Control TEST

NASA is creating a highly trained team to conduct missions that will take humans farther into space than ever before, but your help is needed! Will you join the team?

Recruits will be matched to a position on the crew depending on their skills, personalities, and interests. Continue the quiz to find out your mission assignment.

Created by: dpw140

  1. During your basic physical training, you are most likely to:
  2. Crew members are highly trained and educated. You will be trained to the highest degree. What best describes your interests and background?
  3. For your first mission, you would most like to:
  4. A malfunction occurs on the spacecraft, putting your first mission and the crew in danger! What would you most likely do?
  5. The bravery and professionalism of your crew has resulted in a successful mission! If this happens, in what way would you like to be honored?
  6. Are you finished?
  7. Are you sure?
  8. Really sure?
  9. Sure you're sure?
  10. Well, Ok. I guess you can go.

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