could you handle a s rank mission in naruto

ever wanted to know if you could do an S rank mission. well now you can with this quiz. good luck ninja.

do you have the brains and skill to handle a S rank mission. ever wanted to find out. now you can just take this quiz and find out what happens.

Created by: alex

  1. your village kage tells you that they have an S rank mission for you. It is imporant that the target be brought back alive.
  2. you end up on the location of the target ( willing to or not) and you spot 5 garud towers. with this in mind you
  3. you enter the hideout and see 3 doors you
  4. decideing not to get lost and find your target easier you
  5. you see the group leader escape into an underground tunnel you
  6. when you exit the tunnel you find that it just a goon to fool you. before you can do anything the goon bite his thumb and with a series of fast hand signs summons a giant bull. you
  7. not knowing where the leader went you
  8. you're plan to find the leader works and now he running down a wall at you. you
  9. the leader jumps off the wall in front of you and says he kill you. at this time he uses his curse mark. you
  10. how many times would you run away

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