Which guy will you love?part 8

Who shall you choose??? This ought to be hard to choose between 4 fantastic guys!! Your living with Adrian, Chad, Dillan, and Mark who are each on a mission to win your heart!!! Pick the one you like the most!

Will it be Adrian??? Or Dillan?? Or Chad???or Mark??? Who knows? Haha not many quizzes in this left so times are crucial! Who will you pick in the end???

Created by: TatiJudith3
  1. Everything is a blur when you guys see Ryan standing in front of your crashed window. He didn't come unprepared though this time!he has a gun and says "Follow us and the girl dies" grabbing you with his gun to your head. Funny he said he "loved" you
  2. He jumps out the window with his arm constricts tightly around you, luckily he breaks your fall. You try breaking out of his iron grip but he takes of running still holding you at his side! You twist your head around and see the guys running after you but then Ryan turns quickly to shoot and you shriek" NO!!!!". Whose name did you call out for?
  3. You try and run back with all your strength and it slows him enough to let 3 of your guys tackle him down. Dillan takes the gun while Mark and Chad pin him down. You grab the gun from Dillan not wanting to leave any of them with a deadly weapon.
  4. You sprint back to Adrian who must've dragged himself to the base of a tree. His upper arm is bleeding alot and you've got to stop it! He mutters asking if your okay and you try to keep him talking so he doesn't pass out.
  5. You take of his shirt and grab Marks jacket to keep him warm as you run to the stream and soak his shirt in cold fresh water. Running back to Adrian you examine his arm. The bullet must've just skid past his arm but seeing the look on his face it hurts like hell. You clean it up with some of his shirt and rip a thick strip of it to bandage the gash and wrap it up.
  6. You pull Adrian over so he can lay back against you till the boys come back. Theyre dragging Ryan who's apparently knocked out at the moment and Mark rushes over and Chad sits on Ryan."He's lost quite abit of blood and needs rest. Good quick thinking though to stop the bleeding and prevent a possible infection."he says."the cops should be be here in a few minutes" Dillan says with narrowed eyes at Ryan. Chad looks over at you and says with a meek smile"What does he hav against you getting sleep?". You smile him back avoiding looking at Ryans limp figure on the ground.
  7. The cops arrive and you all tell them everything that happened. They take Ryan away and you guys go inside. Mark re-wraps Adrian's wound and you fall asleep between Chad and Dillan on the couch. When you wake up your sunken in a huge lump of comfy pillows and blankets. You struggle to get out till Dillan rescues you and helps you out.
  8. "Haha sorry about that we just didn't want to wake you"he says. You thank him and smile as he walks you to the kitchen. Dillan makes pancakes for you, one has a whip-cream smiley face with a strawberry nose.
  9. The others finally come downstairs. Mark sits down and looks up with a grin and says"it must've rained the day you were born. All of heaven cried for joy at the sight of such a beautiful baby girl".and you jump when Chad suprises you by coming behind you as you stand up tracing your silhouette with his hands. He says"Hey, it's okay babe, I'm here and he's gone, your safe." and gives you a sweet kiss.
  10. As you walk over to the sink to clean your plate Adrian stands next to you and says"Oh, you have some whip cream on your lip here let me get it" an kisses you and you smile."Change of plans my lovely meet me on the east balcony instead" he whispers in your ear.
  11. When he's gone you've got free time on your hands. What do ya wanna do??
  12. Before you know it, it's almost time for you to get ready so you drop what you doing and close what your gonna wear!!
  13. You walk through the house to the balcony and you don't see him so you take time to get lost in your own thoughts. You don't even notice when Adrian climbed up a tree beside you and was sitting there on the edge. When you look over you jump and he smiled"Come on I have someplace to show you". Adrian helps you climb down (taking shoes off in the process).
  14. He leads you into the near-by park where in the center is a huge fountain and a couple benches. Adrian takes your hands and says"if I could reach out and hold a star everytime I thought about you, I'd hav the whole night sky in my hand.". He swiftly takes you in his arms and starts to dance with you.
  15. You guys dance for a while and then he lead you over to the fountain tosses in a coin."Did you wish for anything?" you asked him. Adrian replies "this" and you guys make out till it feels like forever! After a while until it gets cold so you two decide to head home with his jacket around your shoulders.
  16. You tell Adrian you has a wonderful time and good night as he walks you to your room and then leaves. What is your dream tonight?

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Quiz topic: Which guy will I love?part 8