This is about a girl who's an angel who meets a 'hawt' vampire. If you don't know the characters yet, please go to part 1. Sorry this is a long quiz. I'll try to make it a little bit shorter in part 3. Trying to make it really good. please comment or not wheather you liked it or not; it's your choice! :)

Part 3 is coming soon! Cree- has brown eyes,tan skin,and really,really long dark brown hair. Jordan- gray eyes,white skin, and brown hair.Jared- pale blue eyes, white skin and brown hair. Enjoy! :)

Created by: Matisha

  1. "What are you doing here?" Jordan repeated. "Heh. Nothing?" I said. Just then, his hand grabbed my throat and then the next thing I know he was holding me by the throat in the air,my back slamming painfully against the wall. "What are you doing here?" he repeated for the third time. "Okay,okay. I'll tell you. Just let me go." "Not a chance."
  2. Then Jared appeared. "Hey,guys.I- What the hell? What are you doing?" We stared at him and then Jordan said,"Go.Now!" "But Uncle Jordan-" Jared started.
  3. "Go,NOW!" Jordan shouted. "Ok,ok." Sorry he mouthed to me and then left. "Uncle?" I manage to choke out. He glares at me. "Yeah.Gotta problem with that?" I shook my head,or at least tried to. He smirks and then says,"Now,if I let you go,you won't scream and run away,right?" I shook my head. He lets me go and I fall to the ground, coughing. He bends over to help me up and I punch him in the face as soon as he does that. "You just said you weren't gonna do that!" he called after me as I ran to the front door. "Sorry! Change of plans!" I yelled back. As I got near the front door,Jared called to me,"Where are you going?" "You people are pyscho!" I yelled as I pushed the door open and ran outside. "Hey,watch out! You gonna-" somebody yelled as I ran in front of a SUV that was two inches from me. I only had time to gasp before its steel ran into my body and I went flying into the air.
  4. "She's gonna just fine,right?" somebody said. "Yes,but there's one problem. She has ameseia.But other than that,she'll be just fine. It's amazing that she didn't get more than a bump on her head. Must've had a guardian angel watching out for her." somebody else said. "You have no idea. You hear that,Cree? You gonna just fine."
  5. "What're gonna tell her when she wakes up?" a new voice asks. "Nothing. We can't tell her yet." the voice says. "Uncle Jordan-" "Quit saying that!" the voice hisses.
  6. "Sorry. She doesn't know,right?" "No.But when the time comes,we'll tell her. We'll tell her about you-know-what and you-know-who." "What are you-Ohh. Now I get it."
  7. The people sigh.Then my eyes open. I sat up and looked around. There were 2 boys next to me on either side of the bed. "Where am I?" I ask. The 2 boys exchange glances and then the boy on my right says," Do you know where you are?" "The hospital?" "Bingo." "Do you know your name?"asks the boy on my right. "Cree?" "Yup.Last name?" I shook my head.
  8. The boy on my left sighs and then says,"Your name is Cree Hathford. Actually, your full name is Cree Alice Carter Hathford. You're 16 years old and you live with me, my cousin Jared,and my friend Arizona and her mom."
  9. "Yeah.Wait,what?" the other boy says. "Who are you?"I ask. "I'm Jordan,and this is my cousin Jared." he says pointing to himself,then to Jared. "Okay." I say slowly. Just then, a boy about 15 years old with red hair and black eyes appeared by the door. He growled when he saw me,walked into the room,and expolded. Literally. Instead,of a boy,there was a huge wolf standing there. My eyes widened. Then the wolf howled and charged.
  10. Jordan stood up and.... CLIFF- HANGER!!! Who do you like so far?

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