Vampire Love part 7

This is about a girl who meets a vampire...blah-blah-blah... Sorry,I didn't do this sooner. Been real busy w/ school. Please comment or rate 1-10. Enjoy!

part 8 coming soon! part 8 coming soon! part 8 coming soon! part 8 coming soon! part 8 coming soon! part 8 coming soon! part 8 coming soon! part 8 coming soon! :)

Created by: Matisha

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  1. Jordan: "Dude,come on. What're not telling me?"Andrew said. "Can we talk in private in the kitchen?" I said. "Dude,no. What am I,your girlfriend? No,I'm not gonna talk 2 u in the kitchen. Just say it man." I sighed. "Fine." I lowered my voice 2 a whisper. "I love her,okay?" He looked startled. "U what?!" he nearly shouted.
  2. "Shh!" I hissed. "Sorry.U what?!" Andrew hissed back. " I love her,ok?She loves me,2. But we barely know each other.Help me man!" I said, tugging on his shirt. "Ok.1st,u could probably make her 4get about u and start a new relationship w/ her and 2nd, let go of me please." "Oh,sorry." I let go of his shirt. "How'd do I make her 4get?" I asked.
  3. "I don't know." he said,then left. I sighed and looked at Cree,who was sleeping peacefully on the couch. I knelt besides her and stroked her hair. Then,Arizona came in. "Hey." she said. "Hey." I replied. "Can I ask u a favor?"I asked,standing up. "Uh,sure.Whatdya need?" "I need u 2 make her 4get."I said. "Sure.Wait,what?" "Just make her 4get."
  4. "Alright." She raised her hands and started murmuring a spell. Then,she stopped and said,"It's done." Thxs." I gently tapped Cree's arm. She woke up. "Who r u?"
  5. "I'm ur...." I thought about saying bf,but then changed my mind. Things would have 2 go on it's own toll. "I'm ur best friend.My name is Jordan Holt.And u live here w/ me and my friends." She smiled that beauitful smile I'd come to know. "It's nice 2 meet u,Jordan." Cliffhanger!!
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  10. Would u want 2 be a angel, vampire, werewolf, witch, or mortal?

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