This is about a girl(who was a angel),who meets a vampire. Unfortunely,things don't really go well the first time they meet. Werewolves attack,witches cast spells,what more could there be?.(This is in part 3.) Please rate it 1-10 and comment wheather you liked my quiz or not. It's your choice! Hope you enjoy it! :) P.S. It's kinda long,so...

part 5 is coming soon! part 5 is coming soon! part 5 is coming soon! part 5 is coming soon! part 5 is coming soon! part 5 is coming soon! part 5 is coming soon! part 5 is coming soon! part 5 is coming soon!

Created by: Matisha

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  1. "Hello,brother." Gabriel said and I stood behind him, glancing at each one of them in turn: Jared, Arizona, Jordan, and Andrew. "You work for him?" Jordan growled. "Yeah..." "Cree, step away from him very slowly and come to us." Andrew said. "Why? So you can try to kill me again?" I retorted. "No,because he wants to kill you." Jordan answered,keeping his eyes on Gabriel. I laugh. "Oh,just go." Gabriel said. " The blood-leech obiviously thinks he's so smarter than me." I stepped in front of Gabriel. "You promise?" All of them raised thier right hands and said, "We promise." I turned to Gabriel. He looked the same as always. He put both hands on my shoulders. "You'll be just right."he said,then cracked my neck.
  2. Jordan: I watched as Gabriel cracked Cree's neck and let her fall to ground,her eyes open,dull and lifeless. Her mouth was open a little like she was getting a kiss. At that moment, I wanted to rush to her,right now,but I knew I had to take care of my friends first. "Why'd do that to her? She was your student!" He smirked. "She was a problem. So,I decided to get rid of her once for all." he said as he stepped over her body. Arizona thrusted her hands at him with a spell,but he blocked it. "Stupid little witch. You," he pointed at her and she flying across the wall and hit her head hard,making her unconcious. "Go to Hell." he finished.
  3. "Leave us alone,Gabriel!" I shouted. "Ah,but I can't do that. If you know what's best for you,I suggest you go help your friend Arizona there." I stared past Gabriel's left shoulder and saw Cree. I thought I saw her right ring finger twitch.
  4. I frowned and blinked. Yep, her finger definatly moved. It was like she was testing them out one by one. Then her legs twitched. I stared into her eyes. She blinked. Her eyes darted around the room until she saw me and Gabriel. She pressed a finger to her lips. Slowly,she got up and slowly walked to Gabriel,who was facing me and his back facing her.
  5. Cree: I saw Gabriel and Jordan. I was very mad. How could he do this to me? I walked towards Gabriel like a zombie. There was one thing I didn't understand.
  6. I should've died. But I didn't. I tapped Gabriel's shoulder. He turned. "Miss me?" "Impossible!"he said. I punched him in the face.
  7. "Aah! I'll be back!" Gabriel said,holding his nose,blood seeping out through his fingers. He shimmered,and ran past me in a blur.
  8. I stared at Jordan,panting. Then, I looked at Jared,who was by Arizona, who was unconcious. He stared back at me. I looked back at Jordan,and fainted.
  9. My eyes flew open. I sat up and looked around and saw that I was in a beauitful room that had dark purple paint on the walls(which seemed to have gold glitter on them), a crystal chandiler hanging on the ceiling, a small bookcase,a beanbag chair and a window seat by the window.
  10. I went out the door and went down- stairs. I saw Andrew sitting on the couch with a girl I'd never seen before,watching TV. Jared and Arizona were in the kitchen making something and laughing. I watched as the boys kissed the girls, passionly. Jordan was nowhere to be seen. "Hey,guys."I said heading into the kitchen. "Hey." "Where's Jordan?" I asked. "He's outside in the garden." Arizona said. She looked at me and smiled. "You know...he stayed up all night in your room. I think he likes you. Don't you,Jared?" "Yup.Now,we need to add 2 eggs and a cup of flour."Jared replied. I went out the back door and saw a beautiful garden that had roses, daffiels, sunflowers ,and any type of flowers there are. I turned and...CLIFFHANGER!! (Sorry this is a long quiz...) :(

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