are you a wizard

There are many wizards on earth what are wizards there people you can spells make potion charms all the stuff but it takes the power Inside them and you know what power that is the power that there parents gave them.

Wizards can use wands there hands or a staff to cast spells witches use brooms wands or staffs even there hands to cast spells Wizards are actually boys and girls men and women withches are just plain evil to me

Created by: ryan

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What are the colors of your eyes
  2. If you bought a car and it got dirty what will you do?
  3. Which is the most magical to you
  4. You would win
  5. Whats your favorite spell
  6. What harry potter spell levitates things
  7. Have you ever cast a spell
  8. If vampires were chasing after you what spell will you use
  9. If you had to give up your powers for family to live will you
  10. If you where a kid and you wanted something your said no what will you do

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Quiz topic: Am I a wizard