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Hello and welcome to part eleven of my quiz sereies Love!!!! Thank you for waiting for each new part even if i take a while to get them out. Thanks for the support.

I value your opinion, any concerns, please tell me by leaving a message in the comments. As always, I hope you enjoy this part eventhough i made this one a little shorter then the others.

Created by: ILuvHolister

  1. Recap: You met Alec,unexcpectdedly, in person at the airport. Luke was angered,but Alec managed to fix the problem. You all landed in london. You told the guys you had to go to the restroom. You get knocked out and you hear someone whisper "Sorry,Sarah."
  2. You try to open your eyes,but they refuse to budge. your eyelids are too heavy and the effort is tiring you out fast. You try to scream,but there is something muffling your voice. Exhausted,you give up the struggle and drift into unconciousness. (Now,back to the guys) "Chaps, its been the better part of two hours,I don't think somebody needs that long for the loo." Jace says concerned. "she isn't here. her aura is no longer present in this building." says alec, beads of sweat forming on his forehead from exertion. "Well then where is she? We have to find her,she could be in danger." Luke said looking around.
  3. Jace and alec gave a quick nod and then they split up to look for you. After about thirty minutes jace,Alec, and Luke met up.. all of them glanced solemnly at each other. "I don't know if this will work. but, it worth a shot. i'm gonna try to speak to sarah through Telepathy. Alec, you get into her dream,if she is asleep. And Luke, for now, just wait here." Said Jace, closing his eyes to focus.
  4. (back to you) You finally manage to open your eyes. you look around at your sorroundings. You can tell you aare in the back of a moving truck. you try to move but there is something golding you back... ducktape and a snake like hand.
  5. Its a girl. She has black hair that is to the middle of her back. She is dressed up in tight black leather... everything. Her eyes were a blue that was almost white and her fingernails had black nailpolish and were long. She would've sruck you as pretty except for the fact that she was trying to kill you. "Not so fast." she said with a voice laced with poison. She hits you on the head and you get knocked out again.
  6. The truck stops and you sense the door opening. You manage to open your eyes and see the guy who had knocked you out at the airport and Mike. He looked way different. His blond hair was a mess and he was dresses in completely black leather with the exception of a fingerless glove on one hand tht was red and black. He looked at the girl and then back at you. The girl with the black hair ran over to Mike and said "I took the liberty of killing all your exes, so we can be together mike." Something was up, the girl was controlling Mike with her voice. The other gy was unaffected. The minute the girl had her back turned. The guy who had knocked you out at the airport stabbed her in the back with a dagger. She just laughed and pulled it out. "I excpected more from you Will." then she plunged the dagger into his heart, he died instantly. She then glanced at you and walked over. She gripped your face her fingernails digging into the skin and making it bleed. "It was a quick death. He deserved worse." she said. "Who are you?" you asked her,wanting a name. "Amber. And you Sarah. Good we are aqquainted." she looked at you face one last time and then yelled out "take her away." for once in your life you felt scared.
  7. (back to the guys) "Where is she?" Luke questions. " I can sense her aura. She is really scared and in pain. Now I only need to track where it is." says Alec. "She is very far away. This will be hard to do. I can't contact her through telepathy from such a distance." says jace. After a continuos search Alec finds a trace of your aura. Now he needs to find another trace.
  8. Cliffhanger!!
  9. Who do you love?
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