Love!!!! part 4

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This is the fourth part of my quiz series. Sorry for the delay. I hope you enjoy this installment. Setting, California. Characters You, Mike, K, Jace, Luke.

Character Descriptions. Luke, full of himself, bit of a bad boy, reputation as a player. Brown Hair and Ocean blue eyes. K, your beast guy friend. Dark Brown Hair and Hazel eyes. Mike, Kind guy who isnt afraid to stand for what he believes in. Flippable blonde hair and Captivating Blue eyes. Jace, full name is Jason, has British Accent, and plays guitar. Golden Brown Hair and indescribable color changing eyes.

Created by: ILuvHolister

  1. Sorry for taking so long. I had to study.I am having a contest anyone who takes this quiz is welcome to enter. In the comments place the name of your favorite guy character and why. The guy with the most comments gets special alone time with you in the one of the next quizzes. So far there is two for Luke and none for everyone else.
  2. The note from K said.... Sarah, ever since I met you you have brightened my existence. I have liked you fo as long as I can remember. Please tell me if you feel the same, If you do than... Will you be my girl? Love, K
  3. The rest of your day goes by pretty fast. You go to your locker to grab your stuff for your last hour. You grab the stuff then notice a note. You open it and in th prettiest writing youve every seen is... Love, I know we just met, but I feel like Ive known you forever. Youve had a great effect on me and so I would like to tell you something. Meet me in the park at four ish. Warm Regards, Guess Who?
  4. You see two more notes that all say to meet in the park around four. You got one from each one of the guys. Coincidence? Maybe or maybe not. Your class finishes and you run into the counselor.
  5. The counselor says that Mike and luke want to tell you that they have fully recovered, apologized to each other.
  6. You drive home really fast in you Lamborghini. Thankfully you dont get pulled over by the police.
  7. Oops. Spoke to soon. All of a sudden you hear a police dude say please turn into the plaza person in the 2012 Lamborghini.
  8. The officer looks at you straight in the eye.You feel like your eyes are digging into his head. You whisper to him. You tell him to go to the coffee shop across the street that no one gos to beacause it has so many bugs. You tell him to forget this ever happened. He walks away and goes to the coffee shop. You just found that you have a supere power.
  9. You are happy and confused all at once. You cant help but wonder if there are other like you and if your parents know about this.
  10. You get back in your car and drive home. You have forty five minutes until you have to meet the guys. You dress up. What do u wear?
  11. Who do you love?
  12. Cliffhanger, comment, rate, share. Once again sorry for the wait.

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