The Tempest part two

okay then so this is the second part in my series The Tempest! i REALLYYYYY hope i spelled that right xD haha well anyways sorry for the delay :( i've been studying for ever.

ok then there's no love in this until maybe the 4-6th part maybe... but thats for like choices ;) ok i hate having to do the characters on this just saying

Created by: zomgirl

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  1. The boy made no sense at all! You all gave him odd looks but before you could ask him any questions you all heard "Make room for the Captian! Come on! Make room!" and there was Mulucco with Scrimshaw his small snake in his hair agian. *Awwwww he's got Scrimshaw* You thought as he came toward the boy. Bart stood up to get out of Mulucco's way. You had never thought that BART would do that, well to Mulucco anyways. "Well, well, WELL. Mistress Li and erm Mistress ______ I see you've been fishing for the wrong things!" He said looking at both you and Cheng Li. He then looked the boy up and down. "hmmm fresh from the ocean by my reckonings, but not a saltwater fish." He then took of his glasses to reveal his muti-colored eyes that then turned to the boy. * His eyes are more strange than the boys! And his are Emereld green!* though your thoughts were interupted by Mulucco. "What's your name kid?" Mulucco asked looking at the boy with a gentle expression very rare on this ship. "Connor, Connor Tempest" He said. *FINALLYYYYY we get a name!*
  2. "Tempest eh?" Mulucco laughed at this "Connor Tempest brought here by a storm!" He put his hand out to shake Connors. "Name's Mulucco Wrathe. Welcome to my command, Connor Tempest" He said more ot the crew than Connor. Connor took his hand and Mulucco gave him one of his famous handshakes. "Um thank you... Mr. Wrathe" Connor said lost for words it seemed."That's Captain Wrathe to you!" He said with a lugh "Now tell me Connor... How you come to be here?" he asked now only to Connor but loud enough for everyone else around you to hear him. The boy looked at Cheng Li and you. "Oh my boy! I know that Mistress Li and Mistress ______ brought you ON this ship but i want to know how!" Mulucco said grinning at the sign of a tale. Cheng Li seemed as if she could explode at any moment but before she could budge in Connor started his story
  3. "Well um we were caught in the storm. Me and my sister-Grace, we're twins. We um came from Crecent Moon Bay..." He then trailed off looking at Mulucco's hair. *must be Scimshaw* "Well now we know you're not much of a story teller are you?" Mulucco said "Hey, whats up with you kid?" Mulucco asked Connor snapping his finger infront of his eyes to get his attention. "Im sorry Captain Wrathe, but I think you have a....a snake in your hair." Connot said still looking at Mulucco's hair. "Ah yes! Hello Scrimshaw, have you come to say hello to Mister Tempest?" Mulucco said as Scrimshaw slid down to Mulucco's wrist and wraped himself around the wrist;So to most people Scrimshaw anly looked like a bracelet. "Say hello to deputy captain, boy!" Mulucco said with a grin. Cheng Li now looked like she could kill him now. "Now, now Mistress Li, i'm only kidding! Now ______ can you please take Srimshaw from me so this boy's not erm... distraced?" He said as he handed the snake to you. "Sure thing Wrathe." You said as the snake slithered up into your _____ colored hair. "Now! on with the story Tempest!" Mulucco said to the boy , "You were at the part where you said where you were from;Harvest Moon Gulch?" He said to Connor. "Um, Cresent Moon Bay, Captain. We live there, well did anyways. Our dad was the lighthouse keeper but when he died we lost everything. They were going to put us in an orphanage , or worse. We had to leave. So we put out to sea in our dad's boat. Though we only meant to sail down the coast, but the weather changed, and well the storm caught us." He then paused to take a breath "The boat capsized. We were thrown out into the ocean. As you know the boat was breaking into pieces. I then noticed that i had to find Grace. I found a piece of seating from the boat's wreakage and tried to look for her, yet i couldn't find her.....couldn't see her." He then finished. Then you saw a tear in Mulucco's eye. He wiped it away with his handkerchief. "A sad tale Mister Tempest, a very sad tale indeed. I'm just happy that ______ and Mistress Li found you when they did! You'll will be a welcomed addition to our crew, we need more young ones anyways." He said to Connor. "Thank you Captain Wrathe, but all I want to do is find my sister."
  4. "Your sister?" Mulucco said raising an eyebrow. "But i thought you said she was lost; not to be found!" He said to Connor though in a gentle voice. "I saw her being carried onto another ship. At first i thought it was this one..." He then trailed off again trying to gather all of his thoughts, "Another ship? Another pirate ship? Well it seems your tale shall have its happy ending after all! We'll find the ship and you shall be reunited with your sister!" Mulucco says patting the boy's sholder. Though Connor shook his head, "It wasn't another pirate ship, sir. It was a different kind of ship." After he had said that you were all giving him the strange looks, even some of the other crew members stoped their work to hear what the boy had to say. "A different kid of ship," Mulucco echoed "Now whatever do you mean by that?" Connor though for a moment then asked Mulucco"Have you heard of Vampirates captain?" Though the question was almost for all of the one knew what in the world Vampirates were! "The Vam-pi-rates? I can't say I have boy." Mulucco said and you all nodded in agreement. "There's a shanty, sir" Connor explained "Oh I love a good shanty! though he was interupted by Cheng Li "Captain i think the boy is confused." She said to Mulucco though you all could hear her. "I think all of us here are confused Mistress Li, but i have asked the boy a question and i intend to get an answer!" Mulucco said ,and quite fiercly at that, to Cheng Li. They seemed to be at it again. *again? really again?* you though as you stood up from where you were sitting and went over to where they had started to fight, "Well why can't I just he-" Mulucco stared but Cheng Li had read his mind "No, i must not have this nonsense running about the ship!" "Well i can-" Though you interuped what Mulucco had to say "HELLO!!!!!! For the what 3rd time to day?!? SERIOUSLY we have just fished this boy out of the sea, and he's trying to tell us something so can you two please SHUSH UP?!" You said angry that they were acting like children again. "Now Cheng Li lets go sit down and listen to the shanty that erm Connor has to song to us" You say coaxingly. Cheng Li only nodded as you led her away from Mulucco but close enough to hear what he and Connor ahd to say. You then noticed Connor and mouthed 'Sorry' to him, he only nodded.
  5. Mulucco then coughed to indicate that the erm 'fight' was over. "So boy,what's the shanty about?" Mulucco asked him leaning in as if sharing a secret. "Well the Vampirate ship is a dark ship that had beem sailing though all eternity. It's crewed by demons, or at least, vampires" He said and seemed to just want to end the discussion there but that's not how you do it on The Diablo! "What a tale!" Mulucco said with excitment in his voice "And how did you come to knowlege this, boy?" he said with the same voice. "Me father, he's the one that sang the shanty to me and Grace." he said again as if he just wanted to stop talking about this subject. "Shanty! Ah yes we love a good shanty! Don't we lads?" He said indicating the rest of the crew watching. There were then shouts of aproval. And again Cheng Li looked as if she could explode but she kept to the place where you sat her. "Well? go on Tempest! Tell us your shanty!" Mulucco said to Connor. He then started to sing the shanty....
  6. "I'll tell you a tale of Vampirates a tale as old as true. yea I'll sing you a song of and ancient ship and it's mighty fearsome crew. Yea, I'll sing you a song of and ancient ship that sails the ocean blue....that haunts the Ocean blue.The Vamirate ship has tatteeed sail, that flap like wings in flight. They say that the captain, he wears a veil. So s to curtail your fright. At his death pale skin, his lifless eyes and teeth as sharp as night. Oh they say that the Captain he wears a veil. And his eyes shall never see the light. Now you had better be good child-good as gold as good as good can be. Else i turn you into the Vampirates and wave you out to sea. Yes, you'd better be good child-good as gold because look can you see? There's a dark ship in the harbor tonight and there's plenty of room in the hold for thee. Plenty of room for thee. Well if Pirates and bad and Vampires are death then I pray that as long as i be, that though I sing of Vampirates, I never one shall see... Yea if Pirates are danger and Vapires are death I'll extend my prayer for thee- that thine eyes never see a Vampirate.... And they never lay a hand on thee."
  7. When he had stoped singing there were people who shouted their aproval, including youself. Cheng Li seemed as if she were a tolder and you put her in a time out. Hehe your the only one in the history of the world who could do that! Mulucco then put a hand on Connor shoulder and then said "A fine song my boy. But I fear that all it is. I've been sailing these waters since i was a babe, though never ahd i heard nor seen such a ship." Connor just shook his head "I saw the ship" He said with confindence "You saw it eh?" Mulucco said raising an eyebrow. "I think so. It was an old galeon with sails like wings, just flapping-" Thats all he got to beofre Cheng Li interupted him *really Cheng Li? really?* you thought as you got to your feet to make sure she not Mulucco got out of hand. "The boy is tired and confused" She said standing next to Mulucco. "No, no I did see it." Connor said yet again with confindence but it seemed to be draining. It then seemed that Cheng Li had just noticed that the other crew members had stoped working again but it was Mulucco this time that talked. "Hey! Get back to work of of you! wait. not you two" He said to you and Bart; so you then stayed He then talked to Connor "I have two brothers Mister Tempest. Don't always like 'em but I love each of them to the depths of my soul, and that's why I can see that you believe your sister-Grace-is safe. But for you own sake you have to face the truth, no matter how horrable it is." He looked at Connor with his rarly shown soft eyes. "Now you've come to us on the darkest of you days Connor Tempest But we, we will steer you back into the sunshine. You just see if we don't" He smiled at Connor and then adresses both you and Bart. "Alrighty then, Bart you will be sharing a cabbin with Tempest here and ______ you will show him around the ship.Now now Bart you can show him around too I just thought it would be good for Connor to be around someone his own age!" He said when Bart pretended to pout, though gave you a wink after he adressed Bart. You just stuck your tounge out at him and walked to your cabbin.
  8. Now I just want you to know that your next door to Bart's cabbin ok then ok on with the story!!!! You had overheard Bart talking to Tempest while you were getting ready for bed. Seemed that Bart was ready for a new arrival for ever since Bobby had to bunk with Bart! Though there was only one bunk *I want to see how this turned out!* you thought as you entered their cabbin. Connor was just putting on his shirt when you walked in. Once he had noticed you he blushed red though you just rolled your eyes. "Hey ______," Bart said as you walked into the cabbin. "Hello Bart, Hello Tempest" you say to both of them "Um my name's CONNOR" He said and seemed annoyed, though you had a come back for that. "No it's not, what's you last name?" you asked and he hessitated on that "It's....Connor" He said knowing he was beaten. "Sure Tempest." You said with a smile and Bart laughed. "Connor, bud she's going to do that to you for all the time she know you so I think you should get used to it!" He said jokingly to Connor as he lit his cigarette. "OHH gimme gimme!" You say reahing for it (((sorry if you don't smoke but it's just you character so bare with me))) "No ______" He said blowing perfect rings into the air. You gave him the puppy eyes look which he always falls for. "Man i really hate you ______." He says giving you a fresh roll. "Why thank you Bartholomew." You said with a smiled as you light yours. Bart then notices Connor. "Sorry, mate. You want one. I'm pretty sure i have enough for one more," He said showing Connor the rolls. "No that's cool. I don't smoke Bartholomew, but thanks." He said. "Call me Bart. Bartholomew's a mouthful." Bart says yet again blowing up perfect rings. "And really? you don't smoke?" He asked somewhat amused. Though it wasn't him that answered, "Bart, not all erm how old are you?" You ask Connor, "14" He says "ok then well not all 14 year olds smoke." you say to Bart. You were the only 14 year old on the ship but he told you he's been smoking longer than that!
  9. "Ok so....who got the bed?" You ask after luaghing to much after seeing Bart's expression that most 14 years olds don't smoke! "Oh that Connor or as YOU would say Tempest got it." Bart said with a smile while your mouth hung open. Connor seemed confused at why this is bad. "Tempest, i hope you're REALLY sleepy tonight becuase this man," You say pointing to Bart "Is going to keep you up all night if you not! He's just going to snore and snore and snore and snore...." You say still going when Bart said "Well I was just being nice." He said pretening to be in shock that you would say that. Then started laughing too. "Ok ok. So Tempest, got any questions?" You ask whiping tears from you eyes. He thought on that then said "What's it like here, I mean how does it work exactally?" both you and Bart thought on that. "Well it's pretty basic here, everybody helps. Wrathe's kinda old school but all of us enjoy that. Much unlike Cheng Li.." Bart said trailing off. "What about her?" Connor asked confused. "Well Tempest there are two types of pirating, old school and well erm new school" You say then continued "Cheng Li is from a place called the Pirate Academy where they teach you navigation, dueling, stuff like that. THAT'S new school. Now ole school is where you learn it from true experience. Like you you my friend will be an Old schooler because you haven't went through any training to get on this fine fine ship now have yeah?" You said, waving your arms around still holding your roll, and she shook his head. "Ok then so you WILL be an old schooler." You say will a satisfied smile. "But as I said there is a training you can go through to get to be on a ship. To me and Bart that's all hocus pokus. There's nothing that can prepare you for anything until you do it! Think about the Great Flood. We knew it was coming but guess what? Now we only have three tenths of the land we USED to have unil the year of 2498!" You yell. though you calmed down a bit, "So technically what I'm trying to say Tempest is that nothing can prepare you for anything until you do it." You say finally and Connor nodded.
  10. "Oh and sorry for my outburst." You say to Connor. He smiles at you and says, "It's fine Grace had them all the time so i'm kind of used to 'em" There was a short silence. "Soooo how old are you two?" Connor asked to fill in the silence. You smile and say "14" you then look at Bart, "How old do you THINK i am?" he asked with a smile. Connor thought on that one and then said "umm 29 maybe 30" Once he had even said 29 both you and Bart were in fits of laughter. "What?" Asked Connor to see what was so funny. "29 mate? Buddy I'll be luck to see my 25th birthday! I'm sure another pirate would have run a Broadsword through me by then!" He said still laughing a bit. Connor though seemed dumbfounded by the idea. You see this and say "Look Tempest, We have a saying alright? It says 'A pirates life is a short but a merry one' Which MEANS you might not have all the time of the day but live life to the fullest! Especially when you a pirate!" You say with a grin. "Okkkayyyy I guess I've got it.." He said The there was another silence. Bart was then making another roll. "Hey Bart give me one," You say to him "Nope this is the last one." He say with a smile on his face "So? Give me that one then!" You say laughing a bit. "Nuh-uh" he said rolling it up and lighting it but not putting it to his lips, "Fine then I'll just be off to my cabbin then..." You say walking past Bart. He seemed to laugh that he had won the roll. though when you walked part him you flicked him on the ear and when he turned to see you you grabbed the roll for yourself. "Didn't think I'd let you off that easy now did you Barty boy?" You say teasingly as ou strode out of the room though you heard Connor say "She sure doesn't take no for an answer now does she?" He asked Bart "Ha! You haven't seen her with a sword in-" that was all you heard when you closed your door and went to your bed.
  11. OK the I am finished!!!!!!!! and sorry it took me so long to do this I had a GIANT test last week adn i have more this week and the week after that and so on and so forth!

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