The Tempest part three

ok this is part 3 in my Tempest series. i am very tired adn i had to work my butt off today again at practice.....ugh iza bored..... i cant get a song out of my head thats bad right?

eh idc so just so you know on The Diablo you can't get in trouble or when you do you never have to suffer the punishent that everyone else has to. yes confusing but any questions just ask me

Created by: zomgirl

  1. Mkay so i'm really sorry this is late by like a week and a few days maybe but i have good reason! m kay wasting time by writing this xD ok then well on forth with the quiz!
  2. You could hear Bart and Connor chat for about 15 minutes more until they finally stopped and the snoring bagan. You slowly went to sleep with only thinking of calming noises to drown out Bart's snores and eventually you fell into your light sleep. (((like Sheldon with his 'danger danger' thing xD ok off topic sorry)))
  3. When you woke up you could hear that Bart was still snoring; and fairly loudly at that! It seemed that most of the rest of the crew were awake. You went to get dressed and after when you were going to fetch your rapier you saw the end of the roll bud you had before you went to bed on the barrel beside your cot. A thought came into your head and you smiled. So once you had your rapier you fetched the small bud. You press your ear to the wall to make sure Bart was still snoring, which he was. You open the door to the boxy cabbin and creep over to Bart who was still snoring as loud as ever. Taking the bud which still had the ash in it and just a tiny bit of the roll left you took out your lighter and set it on fire;not enough to burn you but enough for smoke. Now that it was set on fire you put it about 2 inches under Barts nose. You then creep over to Connor's, well Barts, cot and lightly shook him awake. "What i-" He was about to say but you stopped him by putting your hand over his mouth then pointing to where Bart was. You then mouth "Watch" and Connor nodded. You two waited about 15 seconds until Bart seemed to have began to notice the smoke. From where you were standing you couln't even smell it but from where Bart was it smelled like a fire.He then opened his eyes, not seeing the bud and looking just a bit behind him. Now since Bart's back was to the port hole where the rising sun, which looked a bit like fire, was he thought it was the fire. He yelled in surprise and automatically stood up. You had been luaghing in your hea the whole time but now you luaghed in real time.
  4. Bart seemed to have noticed that it was just the sun and the bud an started laughing too though not as hard as you. When you were both finished laughing Bart asked "So is THAT why you wanted the lost roll?" you pretened to think on that one and then said "No i just thought of it. Maybe NOW you'll think of NOT sleeping right next to the door," You say with a wink. Looking out the port hole you saw that fast rising sun. It seemed as if the storm from yesterday had never had happend. "Okay then we have to get up to the mess hall if we actually want something to eat" Bart said after a small silence. "True all so very true," You say walking out of the door to the deck. Bart followed you but Connor just stood there. "Hey, Tempest come on! I'm the one who has to look after you and if Mulucco thinks that i didn't let you eat, well i'm goin' over board!" Both you and Bart laugh at your remark. "Come on Connor, let's get to the hall." Bart said smiling.
  5. "WAIT!" You say making them stop dead in their tracks "I just remembered something!" with saying that you ran to your cabbin and took out a small yet thick book. Connor raised an eyebrow at you but Bart understood why you were bringing it. "Ok then onward to the hall then," Bart said opening the door to the deck which you had to cross to get to the mess hall. The deck of course was filled with pirates some of which had a bad night and were vomiting overboard some going to the mess hall and most were still in bed. "Ok not much to see here move along Tempest." You say nudging him forward toward the mess hall.
  6. The mess hall was filled with pirates from wall to wall, except for the kitchen of course. Connor seemed again dumbfounded. *He hasn't seen anything* while thinking that you let out a small laugh, which of course no one heard because of the noise! "Connor! Get those seats they'll be gone in a jify," Bart said to Connor and he went to save the seats. You were now ahead of Bart and sat down next to Connor and put the thick book down on the seat to your left. "So is that what it's for?" Connor asked. You thought on that on and actually thought on it and then said "Tempest, there are many things this book can be used for," Bart then picked up the book and sat down. Taking the book you then looked at who else was at your table with you. *Of course it just had to be toothless Jack and Stinkbomb* you thought grimly as Jack said to Connor "I haven't seen YOU before." "Oh he's that kid Mistrees Li and ______ fished out of the stew!" Stinkbomb said chuckling not noticing you yet. "So kid you think your gonna be a pirate?" Jack asked Connor "Maybe" he replied back just to be interupted by Stinkbomb "Takes a lot of guts to be a pirate, you got the guts?" after he said that his neighbor said "Hell yeah a lot of guts!" After he said that they both started laughing and by laughing spraying food all over the table.
  7. "Mostly when you have either Mistress Li or ______ they'll work you like a dog!" jack said. Connor looked uncomfortable so you stepped in to help. You snapped your fingers to get their attention and when they looked over they seemed like they saw a ghost. You flashed them a fake smile and said "What? no Mistress for me?" you ask before hitting Jack on the head with the book knocking him out almost instanly. Turning to Stinkbomb you raised the book in a tormenting way. When you did he got up and ran out of the mess hall though running into a wall and then knocking HIM out. (((like in the looney toons movies :D)))
  8. Laughing again you looked around you and saw that everyone was silent and now giving YOU strange looks. Smirking you sat down then yelled "Well seems we've got minus 2 of our crew! Though everyone knows they didn't do anything right?" You said that loud enough that everyone heard adn you heard the shouts of aproval. "Now, if someone will be so kind as to get this dog off our table please?" As you said that 2 pirates pulled Jack off of your table. "Why thank you boys." You say to the boys. "Now every back to their breakfast and don't let Wrathe know!" there were 'ayes,ayes' through out the mess hall and everyone went back to their conversations. "Wow." Connor said looking amazed. "Tempest there ARE advantages to being the captains daughter you know." You say smiling at him.He nodded and Bart just laughed. "But they WERE joking when they said you'd work me like a dog right?" Connor asked you. "Oh that? Of course...."He seemed relieved at this until you added "Not. You're new you need some work done!" You say laughing at his expression. "Ok enough chit chat Connor can you please go get the tea? Milk no sugar tha-" you interupted with saying "Sugar no milk thank you..." smiling you turned back to see that the other person at your table Bobby was falling asleep. Soon enough he was face down in a bunch of porridge.
  9. You turned around to see that Cheng Li had pulled Connor aside to talk to him. "Awwww man. I wanted to see if he would fall coming back," You say pretending to pout. Bart laughed again at this. Then you heard that you were needed by Wrathe.
  10. sorry i've got to stop there :(
  11. i may be late on the next one too but i'll try to get it out on time

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