Welcome to Everett Highschool part 1

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Hello and welcome to the first part of "welcome to everett highschool" i hope u enjoy this installment and come back for the rest of this series!! Tell your friends,i hope this can be a succesful series.

If u have any concerns please direct them to my comment box.if my writting isnt that good,im 13 so maybe that has something to do with it!? Idk but i hope u enjoy this installment!!

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Hello hollister here this is my new quiz series. I have finalized my other ones so please be sure to check them out and comment on them..thank you and as always your feedback is much appreciated. It helps improve my writing and additionally the story as a whole. --Hollister
  2. Your name is maggie. You have just moved to the town of everett. You have left all of your friends and your parents have warneed you to not tell anyone of your location. weird? perhaps,but not as much as other things in your life. TOday however was your first day at school, Everett Highschool to be exact.
  3. You put on some blue skinny jeans that have a gorgeous gold pattern on them and a grey off the shoudler top with a blue tank top under, you pair it with some flats and your hair straight down with slight side bangs.
  4. Your mom drops you off at school. "bye hon,have a good first day." she yells to you as she leaves you helpless amongst all the strangers. You keep your chin up and shiver. It isnt chilly but something sends a shiver down your spine. You shake off the feeling and continue inside. Everyone is staring at you. You were above average on beauty and talent for sure. Your speaking skills were top notch,but you werent the only pretty girl at everett,were you?
  5. A cheery girl with brown hair tied up ina pony and a red track suit greets you as you enter. "ello, welcome to everett highschool..you seem like a new face. Im amanda,u can call me amy though." she says with soo much energy. "Awesome, my name is Maggie." you say. "here is your schedule.im in charge of helping new student get around at this school,so if you need anything just ask. Although we have almost every class together so it shouldnt be much of an issue." She says over cheerfully,but her smile was contagious. "thanks amy,do we have lockers at this school." you ask. "ah yes,but of course yours is right across the hall from mine." she says. She hands you the combo to your locker and says goodluck as she walks slowly away towards the office.
  6. You finally manage to open your locker.
  7. You hear a loud ringing noise and then students begin to flood into the school. You grab some of your stuff that u need,your schedule,and shut your locker. Their is a really cute guy that comes face to face with u when u turn around. "excuse me,my locker is next to yours and i cant get through." He says with a calming voice. "oh ok.." u say moving out of the way. "im maggie,by the way,new here." You say with a smile. He lets out a laugh "well then maggie,welcome to everett high. My name is Blake." He says. You nod and say "well bye then." He grabs u bye the shoulder,"let me see your schedule" he says pulling out his schedule. You have every class together excpet for one,the last hour of the day. "well then, want to walk to class with me?" He says with a wink. "sure. I dont know where my classes are anyway." You say. "on one condition." He says. "what?" You ask. "That u and i sit together. " he says. You think it over u only knew blake and amy, and amy seemed like she had a lot of friends. "oh ok." You say. "great." He says. The warning bell rings. "well we need to get going." Says blake. "ok." You say. You both walk in to class. Lucky for u their are two seats un occupied in the back. You and blake go and sit down.
  8. "Ahem" says the teacher clearing her throat. "Well this isnt the begining of the school year,but we have a new student. Maggie care to come up to the front of the class?" You were really pretty,so u didnt really lack confidence at all so u stand up and go to the front of the room. "hi my name is maggie, and me and my family just moved here." You begin,your teacher Mrs.Wilde continues to periodically ask questions that u answer. You glance at the clock and notice that there is only one minute left of class. you apologize for taking up the classes time. But mrs.wilde only replies in a whisper in your ear. "welcome to everett maggie. Good luck." She then claps her hands and says "well u got it lucky today class,u can thank maggie for no hw. Class dismissed." You smile and walk to the back of the class and grab your stuff from your seat next to blake,he was fairly attractive,so u didnt understand how the seats next to him were always empty!? You shook off any wandering thoughts. (Description: hes slightly taller then u with black hair that is slightly spiked in the front,he has piercing blue eyes,and a voice like silk.)
  9. Blake grins.. "no need to feel so proud,we never get any hw at everett,our teachers are against it. If they ever do assign any its really really easy." You turn to him "i didnt feel proud i felt happy that ive already survived my first class at a school that i dont even know." You say. he looks shocked then pleased. "Well then whaddya know, maggie actually has a voice." He said. You realized that up until now u kind of went along with what blake had said. You felt free now,u didnt have to listen to him anymore.
  10. You went and sat next to amy in your next class. Their was a really nice guy that sat next to you named Jack. He had blonde hair and brown eyes an intresting combination.
  11. You werent in the front row. A few rows across from u,more towards the front was blake. His eyes momentarily flashed red when u were talking to jack. "my name is...." U started,but jack cut you off. "maggie. Im jack." He said. "hey how did u know that?" You ask. "your the only new girl not drawn in by blake. Thats a big thing around here." He replied calmly. "your also the first girl to make him feel jealousy when u arent together." He says. Jack then looks at blake with a smirk on his face. And kisses u on the cheek. "Welcome to everett high,maggie."
  12. Blake stood up from his seat,absolutely livid. But a guy next to him with spiky red hair, held him back. "calm down blake." He said. "fine." He said and class started..

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