who will fall for you? part two!

The second installment of this series, please try it if you liked the last one... gosh... I'm getting jitters! people actually care about what I'm doing!

lol, I know, I need a life. You'll finally get to meet Josh and Alex in this part. Please enjoy, and I will see you in part 3 if you like this series!

Created by: kristen

  1. the two hooded figures in the room take their cloakes off. The first boy has smart mismatched eyes and plaitnum blond hair. The second is quite muscular with brown hair and matching eyes. Please choose one!
  2. "you must have lots of questions, so ask away. I'm Alex, by the way." The blond one says. "and he's Josh, trust me, he doesn't bite." he motioned to the muscle bag. Josh adds "much." and winks, like there's some inside joke in what he just said. Alex gives him a piercing glare at this remark. What do you want to ask first?
  3. It doesn't matter what you asked, because as soon as they open their mouthes to answer, a very scary alarm goes off. "crud. ____, I'm sorry but we must go do something quickly." Alex had a hint of urgency in his voice but came closer and whispered in your ear "Their's a dancing studio across the street. meet me there at nine-fifteen am tomorrow for your questions to be answered." And with that, he runs out of the room with Josh.
  4. You follow them down the hallway, confused as heck. They go into a huge glass room. There's a smashed wall and another one of those... things. Alex sprints to it, a good fifteen feet away, but he was going so fast he was a blur. The next second, the monster's decapitated and Alex is putting a katana in it's scabbard, but that's not what you're looking at, your too fixated on the fact he sprouted wings, angel wings.
  5. Josh's wiping blood from his mouth, but you didn't even see him get hurt. "ugh... he tasted horrible..." he mutters. You're brain is really hurting now and this is just making matters worse.
  6. Blaine and Aaron come into the room. "so, what'd we miss?" Blaine asks. "late as always, boys. you missed the action." Josh says. At this point your confusion has turned to an utter migrane, and the light coming from the glass is making this all the more dreadful.
  7. the pounding, crushing, breaking... This isn't just a migrane, it's a stroke. You grow weak... very weak. You drop to the floor, and all you see turns to black.
  8. You come to, the pain gone. You're in the room you were in before the meeting. There's a woman over you. Her gentle gray eyes meeting yours. "Oh, you've awoken. I'm Claire. We were all worried about you for awhile there. Thank the stars you're okay." She looks around the same age as you, though a tad older. The guys come into the room, relieved looks on their faces.
  9. "Now, _____, please do try to go back to sleep. You need all the rest you can get from what happened earlier today." Clare said. All the boys nodded in agreement, and came closer to you. Josh squeezes your shoulder, Blaine kisses you on the forehead, Aaron pets your hair, and Alex caresses one side of your face. Not too long later, you creep into a state of slumber.
  10. Last thing! will you rate and comment?

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