Love!!!! part 5

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Welcome to the fifth installment of my quiz series. I hope to get more quizzes out ASAP. Thank you to those who have stayed with me, and continued to read my quizzes!!!!

Guy Descriptions.... Luke, full of himself, player, can sometimes be kind. Brown hair and Blue Eyes. Mike, kind person, very considerate of others, super athletic. Flippable Blonde hair and captivating blue eyes. K, your best guy friend since kindergarten. Dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Jason, likes to be called Jace. Has british accent and is super romantic. Golden Brown Hair and intresting indescribable eyes.

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Sorry for the wait. Enjoy this installment of Love!!! So far the results for the contest is a tie between Jace and Luke. Please tell me which one out of the two is your favorite in the comments. Remeember the guy with the most votes gets special alone time with you in the story.
  2. You get in your car and drive to the park. You have a bad feeling in your gut, but you choose to ignore it. You get there ten minutes early, but thankfully the guys are already there.
  3. Your joy turns to fear when you notice them arguing. The worst thing is that you have a feeling its about you. The guys see you and all their faces brighten up. They smile and wave you over.
  4. You walk over to them and say, "Hey guys what's up!" The guys turn to each other then Jace steps foward. He clears his throat and says....
  5. "Sarah,love, please listen to what ALL of us have to say and no matter what we are not crazy." Says Jace. "I would never think of you guys as crazy. In fact I also have something to tell you guys that may sound kinda insane." You reply. "Sarah, we are supernatural beings," says Mike. You tell them your story with the obedient cop, but they dont seem suprised. They just acknowledge the fact that you are also supernatural.
  6. You are frozen in shock. You feel conflicted. You know what you managed to do was not normal yet you couldnt tell if they were just playing a joke on you. So you put on a brave face and ask them to prove it.
  7. Luke is the first to respond. He looks at you and solemnly and says that the park is to public a place to show you. Then the guys suggest you come over to their place. You feel reluctant to trust Luke, but you follow their car, in your blue camaro, of course.
  8. The drive seems to take an eternity. You are so shocked by the recent news that you can barely think straight.
  9. You turn on the radio to lift the tension. The song is All the Right Moves by One Republic.
  10. You keep driving and finally the guys turn into big black gates, with a bunch of security cameras. Nothing from your sixteen years prepares you for what you see next.
  11. Cliffhanger!!!!!! Comment, Rate, Share. I hope to be getting these ou tquicker from now on. I hope you enjoyed this quiz.
  12. Who do you love?

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