They Love Me Part 24

MID-TERMS ARE OVER! :D Guess who got a 95% on her Language Arts one? THIS GIRRL. Aha am I the bombest 7th grader you know or what? Yea, I'm a 7th grader. o.o LEAVE YOUR NAMES IN THE COMMENTS & I'LL PUT YOU IN THE LAST PART! ;D

-if you know what these boys look like then great. If not, please look at parts fourteen through sixteen. Picture them anyway you want; fine by me [: But I picture them with the hot "emo cut" because I find that attracting :P

Created by: •d a n n i c a •
  1. You were still knocked out & yet, you could hear your own thoughts considering you weren't dead. "Where the heck am I? Stupid Chris...and Nick...and Blaze. God, I'm getting hungry. I really have to pee too. Oh my jeezy I hope Jared isn't close enough to read my mind because that would be embarassing. I'm think I'm going to open my eyes now to see where I am to make sure I'm not strapped down to my death bed waiting for a bolt of lightning to hit me or something...yea sounds like a game plan to me."
  2. You opened your eyes and you heard your stomach screaming out for food. You looked around; turns out you are in an all grey room with nothing in it except a small light bulb hanging from the ceiling and a stairway leading to the 2nd floor. "Hmph." You muttered out. "Hey, so I know I'm a prisoner or something, I know the whole routine already so don't try to scare me. But, anyways, Can I get some food down here? Like a taco or some chicken nuggets?" You paused for a minute seeing if you'd get a response. Reassuringly, Blaze came downstairs and gave you a small smile. She was holding a plate of fries.
  3. You tried getting up but you realized your hands and ankles were bound together. "Here." Blaze said in a sympathetic voice. She sat on the cold, depressing floor next to you and gave you a french fry since you couldn't eat it by yourself. "I didn't think a place like this would have french fries." You beamed, trying to show you weren't THAT mad. "I went to the drive thru at McDonalds before I went back here." She responded giggling. You laughed and asked,"Why'd you do that to me?" in a serious tone. "Arianne made me. She said I was to do as was told or she'd kill Daniel, forreal this time." Blaze explained, her eyes locked on the cement floor.
  4. "You should have told me. I could have helped you." You said to her, chewing on the french fry. "I would have, but I was scared. I felt sooo bad, after all the nice things you did for me." Blaze replied with a sigh. "If you help me, I can still help you." You said to her. "How?" Blaze asked. "The glass ball full of the powers never broke right? And you said her blood runs through the walls rightt??" You asked. "Uh...yea? What about it?" She said back slightly confused. "Well, If I break the glass ball, and say, find a way to break down the walls, basically blow this whole stupid ass place up, kill Arianne and all that, I can save everyone. But I need YOUR help, Blaze. What do you say? Untie me? Please?" You explained.
  5. Blaze looked down thoughtfully and said,"ok." She untied you and you hugged her and said,"meet me in the ice room with the glass ball in it in 30 minutes ok?" "Why?" She asked. "I just realized; to kill Arianne, you must kill her where she is most powerful...her power source." You said dramaticly. Blaze nodded and you went upstairs. You quietly walked through the halls feeling like a ninja, but then you saw Nick.
  6. He saw you and his eyes widened. You were about to do something but he covered your mouth with his hand and shoved up against the wall. You bit him and he let go saying,"Ow! _______ why'd you do that?!" Confused, you said,"WHAT?! Do you NOT remember where you hit me with the vase & called me annoying?!" Nick looked at you weirdly, sighed & explained."Listen _____ I had to do that, I was working undercover. The UPA told me too. Because of that position I found out Brooklyn & them were the bad guys, and Chris was a spy. & you know that Bat you saw fighting Dakota & them? Yea, that was Jaelyn. By the way, she's dead." You stared at him, and slyly said,"Why should I trust you?" "Because, I've always been there for you. I'd be there when you needed to talk to someone, I'd be the calm one who'd tell you everything no one else wanted to tell you. I treated you as a sister."
  7. "Hmph. Stay in front of me, and don't try anything or I swear to god I will bite your freakin head off." You snarled. "Ok." Nick nodded. You looked at a clock nearby & noticed it was almost time to meet Blaze at the room. "Where's Arianne?" You asked. "What? You WANT to find her?" Nick responded. "Yup, it's the only way to end this." "Make a left. But be prepared, she can sense you." Silenly, you nodded. You made the left turn and saw Arianne there.
  8. Nick pushed you back around the corner. Pissed you asked,"Why'd you do that!? I was about to go all Yoda on her!!" "You'll need help. She's not alone" Nick said. "Well who's there?" You asked curious. Nick took a long pause and was about to say something when suddenly you saw him holding his stomach.
  9. "Uh?" You said a little confused. Then, you realized there was blood all over his hands. He stared at you and you noticed a silver dagger through his stomach. Nick fell right in front of you and you saw who stabbed him.
  10. Part 25?

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