Just Another Love Story... Part 3

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HIHI! So yeah, this is the third part of my quiz, Just Another Love Story. I really hope you enjoy it. (..Why in the world do we have to write a whole figgin 150 charecters!!!)

So yah, there are four boys named Caldre, Varik, Felix, and Dane and if you haven't taken the first two parts of my quiz yet please go take them. Part 4 is coming real soon!

Created by: Bella.. not from Twilight
  1. You run over to the door. You catch a glimpse of Felix's face as he locks the door just before you reach it. "ARGH!!" You shriek. "WHY CAN'T ANY OF YOU JUST ANSWER ME NORMALLY!! I HATE YOU GUYS SOMETIMES!! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO LOCK ME UP!!!"
  2. You run over to the window and try to open it again. This time it IS locked. Then, when you look down, you see Dane, Varik, and Caldre. There's a bright flash of light and now their in animal form. Then they run towards the street.
  3. You look up at the sky and see that its a full moon. "It looks so pretty." You say to yourself. Then you walk over to the bed and, knowing you can't do anything, you slide under the covers and go to sleep. Who do you dream of?
  4. When you wake up, the sun is shining in your face. You groan and pull the covers over your head. "Time to wake up, Sleeping Beauty." You hear Felix's voice say. You pull the covers off of your face. "Go away." He frowns. " ____, i'm really, really sorry about yesterday. We didn't want to lock you up. We were just worried that you'd get away again while the others went and..."
  5. "Went and what?" You ask. "Be their animal selves." He answers. "They don't like to be in the house while they're like that. They often get really... messy." "And you?" "Oh, i'm the fish, remember? I just hop into the bathtub or something and wait for it to be exactly 12:00."
  6. "Oookay." "Hey, you should have some breakfast. I made it especially for you." You notice he has a tray of food. "I thought you said you couldn't cook." You say. Felix blushes. "Well, I can still make sandwiches."
  7. You finish eating and thank Felix. "Yah..." He replies. He walks you downstairs to the kitchen where Dane and Varik are waiting. Caldre is nowhere to be seen. "Oh," Dane says, getting up. "Thats what you were up to, Felix. I thought you said this would be fair!" "I WAS being fair!" Felix yells. "I only made her breakfast!" You look back and forth at the boys. "Umm.. guys?" You say. "What's wrong?" Dane turns to you. "Felix here is trying to get an earlier shot at you." "Am not!" Felix shouts. "Are too!" Dane shouts back. "Am not!" "Are too!" "Not!" "Are!" "Not!" "ARE!"
  8. You stare at the two boys, bewildered. "Are they always like this?" You whisper to Varik. "Yes, actually. They don't really like eachother." "Why not?" Varik shruggs. You sigh and take a deep breath. "SHUT UP!" Dane and Felix immediately stop arguing. "Thank you." You say evenly, as you sit down at the table. They sit down too, and sip mugs of coffee. "Where's Caldre?" "Haven't seen him since last night." Felix and Dane say at the same time. Then they glare at eachother.
  9. "Last night?" You repeat. "Yah, last night." Varik says, as he rested his hand on yours. "But don't worry, i'm sure he's fine." "Varik." Dane and Felix warn in unison.They glare at eachother again.
  10. All of a sudden, theres a crash. The window shatters, and in falls Caldre. "Omigosh! Caldre!!" You yelp, running to help him. "They're c.. coming... for.. for you.." He stutters, gripping onto your hand. The others group around the window.
  11. ...CLIFFHANGER!!!
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