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  • OMG FIRST COMMENT!! Ha ha I love Caldre! I absolutely cannot wait for the next one! Like I said previously, I really like how they aren't typical mythical creatures like vampire's and werewolves and whatnot (not that there's anything wrong with typical mysthical creatures! They are just overused sometimes, but, hey, they are still really cool! And, yes, I said "whatnot"). You have a knack for writing these. Ever consider making it into a book?

  • hmm, the others turn into animals, but Felix turns into a fish with a bowl and water in it? COOL!

    satan and emos
  • I love Felix!!!

  • i thought u said they turn into ONLY animals... so what up with the whole fish bowl thing???? P.S. i like dane and varik

  • no he just turns into a fish. thats why he has to get in the bathtub. so he wont die.

  • bathtub LOL :) AWW fishy! :3 (btw i like varik :3)


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