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  • "If you don't click anything you get Advanced."
  • Well well well.
    "Night. Sorry if I came too late to help. Sleep well."
  • ""
  • Who
    "Mine is- jillianharvell"
  • Hey.
    "I'm currently watching Dance Moms and doing homework."
  • Children [1x1] [MxM]
    "(My fault for not bookmarking it and losing it.) Blair gave the man a small smile, nodding. "Yes, I did speak to Brooklyn a f"
  • Hey.
    "Have fun.~"
  • Hey.
    "I normally only come on here to post drawings and stuff but I really don't have anything decent to show. So I guess I can stay for a chat. ..."
  • Children [1x1] [MxM]
  • Moving Castle [1 x 1]
    "Dario just decided to ignore the flame as of right now. He followed the man as they stepped out into the capital city. Dario examined everyt..."
  • The Devil's Touch
    "Arturo finally found the clothing after a moment. He put on a black short sleeved shirt that was a little bit too big for him and a pair of ..."
  • Eats one apple.
    "I do that as well. xD"
  • Eats one apple.
    "Nope. Apples. xD"
  • Eats one apple.
    "Yep, it's just me."
  • Eats one apple.
    "Please tell me I'm not the only one."

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