Big Girls Dont Cry Part #4

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Hi! Please tell me in the comments if I should continue the series! I need to know so I don't waste time continuing a series that no one likes or reads. Thanks!!!

Hi! Please tell me in the comments if I should continue the series! I need to know so I don't waste time continuing a series that no one likes or reads. Thanks!!!!

Created by: KoolKittyKat

  1. I woke up to hear my phone ringing. I sighed and reached over to pick it up. " Hello?" I said and yawned. " Hey. Its Charles," the voice said. If I had had drink in my mouth, it would have been all over my bed by then. " Oh um hi," I mumbled. " Can you meet me at the Star Cafe in a hour?" " Uh sure I guess," " Okay bye," Charles said. I could almost hear the happiness in his voice. " Bye," I tossed my phone onto my bed. It ringged again. " UGH!" I cried. I picked up my phone. " What?" I said into the phone. " Hey honey, its mom," my mother said sweetly. " What do you want?" " I need you babysit Emily in half a hour," my mother replies. I groaned. Emily is my little 8 year old sister. She has short brown hair and blue eyes. " Oh fine. But I have to take her to the Star Cafe with me," I said unhappy. " I'm meeting Charles there," " Wait what? Your going out with a boy?" My mother said. I heard her crying. " Mom? What's wrong?" I said sighing. " My baby's growing up so fast!!!" she cried. I rolled my eyes. Her little 'baby' is 17. Get real!!! " Whatever. Bye mom," I said. " Bye honey," she said sniffing. I threw my phone onto the bed again. I stared at it fir a few minutes. Don't ring don't ring don't ring, I chanted in my head. It rang. I turned over and screamed into my pillow. I picked up the phone AGIAN,and pressed talk. " Hey,this is Sam, what do you want?" I said sweetly. It made me giggle. " Its Charles. I have to cancel our date. Um I have to tell you something. Were over," Charles said. He hung up. I stared at the phone,still in my hand. I burst into tears. What did I do wrong? I buried my face into my pillow. I screamed and cried. I heard a knock on my door. " Come in," I mummbled. " Here's Emily. Gotta run bye!" my mom said and ran out. Emily stood there staring at me. She was wearing a light blue dress,knee socks, and light blue flats. I was wearing a orange t-shirt with jeans , with no shoes on. " Hi sissy," Emily said and waved at me. " Hey Emily," I said. I went downstairs with her and set up some painting stuff. I went back upstairs. An hour later, I decided to go get some lunch with Emily. I opened my closet. Where's all my cloths? I slid down the bainster to go downstairs. " Hey Emily do you know where my clo-" I stopped. Oh. My. God. My cloths were all over the room. They were covered with paint. I almost killed Emily. I told her I would talk to her when we get back. We went to McDonalds° and ate. While there, I talked to her about not painting cloths. " I'm sorry," Emily said. She really looked sorry too. I hugged her and toldvher its okay. We finished our lunch and decided to go to Build A Bear°. I made a giant panes as big as me and Emily made a horse as big as me. We had fun. She then begged me to go to Candy World. I said okay, gave her 20$ , and sat at the Groovie Smoothie that was right beside it. She came out 10 minutes later holding two bags. She handed me one. " I got us jellibeans,giant gummibears, and skittles," Emily said happily. We then left and went home. Even if I did have my heart broken, it was still a great day.
  2. That's all for now!!! Srry!!! Just skip the rest
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