Big Girls Dont Cry Part #8

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Hi! Please tell me in the comments if I should continue the series! I need to know so I don't waste time continuing a series that no one likes or reads. Thanks!!!

Hi! Please tell me in the comments if I should continue the series! I need to know so I don't waste time continuing a series that no one likes or reads. Thanks!!!!

Created by: KoolKittyKat

  1. Your in darkness. 15 large wolfs run out from behind trees and attack you. Yiu scream for help but no one come. " NO!" You cry out. You wake up to hear Sparkles growling. Oh good, it was just a dream. You think " What's wrong Spark?" you say and yawn. " Someones there!" she howled. " No ones there Spark. Go back to sleep," you said. You slowly change out of your pj's and walk downstairs. Daniel, Omar, and Luke are in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Charles is in the living room watching Tv. " Man, this manson is huge!" you cry out. " Yup," Daniel says and winks at you. You smile. You take a seat at the long table beside him and eat your breakfast. You hear glass breaking. Everyone runs into the living room. " Its the Dark Wolf's! Get Sam upstairs!" Omar calls. Luke takes you by the arm and runs with you upstairs. He pushes you into a bedroom and locks the door. You hear Daniel and Sparkles cry out in pain. " Daniel! Spark!" you cry out. You try to unlock the door but Luke blocks you. " You cant go down there!" he yells. " But-" You begin. " But nothing. I must keep you safe. They will be okay. I swear," Luke says. He kisses you on the cheek and walks downstairs, locking the door behind him. A large wolf knocks down the door. You scream. A man is standing behind the wolf. They push you into a corner. All the guys run in. Daniel grabs you and pulls you away from them. You feel pain all over. You scream in pain. The man points a wand at you. " Hand over the girl or I'll give her more pain. Which will lead to death. But wait. Shes not a mortal so she cant die. I guess she will hurt forever," the man said. He flicks the wand. You scream in pain. " We will never give her to you," Daniel says. You scream louder. You get so much pain, you freeze. You cant move from all the pain. You can only hear what they are saying. " Just hand her over, and the pain will be gone," the man shouts. " NEVER!" Daniel screams. He turns into a vampire and jumps onto the man. The man yells and Daniel kills him. The pain slowly stops. Daniel turns back. He runs over to you and picks you up. You hear more glass breaking. " Everyone follow me!" Daniel shouts. He jumps out of the window with you in his arms. He flies to a beach and into a large house. You get set on a bed and slowly fall asleep.
  2. CLIFFHANGER!!! Haha. That's all for now folks!
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