You dont know me!

So, you think that you know me? Well, PROVE IT! If you really dont know me, dont waste my time! thanks and good luck and once again there has to be a lot of letters in this part so im typing all this to fill up this space and the next paragraph will be the same thing

and once again there has to be a lot of letters in this part and so im putting a lot of letters here cuz im not sure what importance it serves to make you put a lot of letters

Created by: Zack

  1. What show(s) do I like to watch?
  2. I have an MP3 player. Whats it called?
  3. What's my current favorite asian food place to eat?
  4. How many pets do I have?
  5. I have had a wreck. Was it my fault?
  6. How many doors do I have opening into my room?
  7. What is my primarily favorite season?
  8. How many speeding tickets have I gotten?
  9. ok Break! True or False?
  10. What is something I consider special about my phone?
  11. What is a "disability" I have?
  12. I havent been out of state more than 5 times. True or False?
  13. My news channel is what?
  14. This quiz would have been longer why?

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