Is love in the air

There is some one for you some where so dont worry about this quiz dont get side tracked or something dont do drugs it is bad to do it. Do this at a pase you feel good at doing it at.

Are you really think love is in the air? do you really? i love some one to and i dont have the courage to go ask him out so dont worry about asking him out right a way girls and guys i dont care if you go ask that girl out right away

Created by: kissed

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you get stutter when you talk to the person you like?
  2. Do you stare at them all the time in the hallway?
  3. Do you know his full name?
  4. Is his locker close to yours?
  5. Do you ask him to go out?
  6. IS this a boy or girl
  7. if a boy answer "Do you stare down the shirt?"
  8. if a girl "Do you like big dicks or little ones?"
  9. Do you want this quiz over with?
  10. dont answer if you put "tear it makes me cry" but if didnt then "Do you love this quiz or what

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