do you know the rules of love( and play it right)

do you truely know bout love? Are even barely datable? well eeveryone wants to no if they can handle life situations. but can you. well love is or isnt for everyone. but is it for you?

love blissful,sexy, happiness are all things that are used to discribe it. Are you able to explain let alone spell L-O-V-E but even if you can't i would still take the quiz becaus eyou never know how datable/loveable you are

Created by: Johnna Cherigello
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  1. When you like a boy/girl do you...
  2. Some you like asked you out but your dating somebody already, you don't like them as much. how do you react?
  3. you like a guy/girl and you think he's totally flirting with you. What's he/she doing?
  4. the girl/guy you like is dating you best friend. what are you gonna do?
  5. all these guys/girls ask you out during the dance you are pretty sure they are joke by the popular kids but one is the person you like.
  6. whats you favorite song
  7. r u smart and in what way?
  8. explain why that question was important
  9. kk back to the quiz... u get these ims from a guy/girl at school you like them they ask for pics and stuff they really like you but they are a slut or manslut your friends say no cus they aready are dating 3 people wat now!!
  10. what do you think about love. Is it worth it?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the rules of love( and play it right)