How well do you know high school basketball rules?

Do you think you know the rules to high school basketball? Determine how well you know popular rules as well as obscure ones. As with every sport, knowing the rules at different levels is a hard thing to keep straight. Test YOUR knowledge today!

Are YOU qualified to be a referee? Do you have the knowledge of the rules to referee basketball games? Until know you may only have wondered. Thanks to this quiz, you'll be able to give yourself a quick assessment in just a few minutes.

Created by: Doug Blystone of GotRef
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  1. What is a travel?
  2. Can a player dive out of bounds to save a ball and then be the first to touch it inbounds?
  3. If a player shoots the ball and misses everything, and is the first to touch the ball, what is the call?
  4. How many fouls before a player fouls out?
  5. WHen does the bonus situation start?
  6. When can the coach be tossed due to technical fouls?
  7. What was interesting about the last question?
  8. A ball rolling across the top of a square backboard, not touching any support mechanism is out of play.
  9. How many additional timeouts does a team get for each overtime period?
  10. The overtime period starts with the alternating possession arrow.
  11. Team fouls are reset at the beginning of the overtime period.
  12. A technical foul warrants the ball out of bounds at half court and 2 free throws.
  13. Technical fouls occurring at approximately the same time allow both teams to shoot 2 shots, and then go to the alternating possession arrow for the team to possess the inbounds play.
  14. What is the correct call when a player reaching over the end line and knocking the ball out of the inbounds players hand
  15. An assistant coach can call a timeout.
  16. The head coach can call a timeout.
  17. A player is considered in the act of shooting if fouled on the first step of a drive to the lane, then takes only one additional step before shooting.
  18. When can a correctable error be corrected?
  19. If a player slaps the backboard due to frustration after a player shoots alay up, the following will be called. (The basket goes in)
  20. A game always starts with a jump ball
  21. Player from the red team is found dunking in between halves by the umpire. What is done?
  22. Which of the following is a backcourt violation?
  23. A game can continue if the team has only 1 available player that has not fouled out.
  24. A game can start with only 4 players.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know high school basketball rules?