Do guys like you?

Do guys like you? Some people gave that extra spark that makes them pop! You may have that, others may not. Are you gifted with that special skill? IIf guys love you, you are a living nightmare to other girls. Don't jealously control you. Stay strong!

I would live to say thank you for completing my wonderful quiz!!! I had an amazing time making this legit quiz! I hope you liked it! Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks! Missymay!

Created by: Missymay

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do boys look at you a lot?
  2. Do guys talk to you often? (even guy friends)
  3. Do they ever say you look nice?
  4. Are your only friends guys?
  5. Are you what they call "popular"?
  6. Do guys pick or tease on you?
  7. Do you keep yourself "well-groomed", or attractive?
  8. Do guys make an excuse/ action to ever talk to you?
  9. Duudddeeee! All the guys adore me as their Princess!?
  10. About how many guy friends do you have?
  11. I think guys like me.

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