Are You a Good Quizzer?

Hello! How many times do you make quizzes? How well do you do with them? There are people who are born quizzers and some are ...YOU KNOW....keep improving your skills, and maybe you are one!

Do you guys think your good at quiz making? (I'm terrible at it.) Let's see if you guys are good questioners in my point of view! (I'll bet that you guys are at least better than me, don't worry.)

Created by: Seongyoon Choi

  1. What do you usually quiz about?
  2. Do you check your quiz for mistakes and stuff? ( Yeah, I wish I wasn't so obvious... )
  3. What would you do if somebody put a negative/mean comment on your quiz? ( Sorry, no space for 'Other'. )
  4. Hmm...How do you feel when you make the quiz or when someone does it?
  5. Who do you usually want to quiz?
  6. Best part of making quizzes and doing quizzes?
  7. You're making a quiz, typing at your keyboard (or 1 click each minute like me) but then, suddenly your keyboard broke! What do you do?
  8. Usually how many questions are in your quizzes? (Discluding the age and gender question.)
  9. You find some quizzes: 1.Are You A Nice Person, 2.How Weird ARE You?, 3.goawaygoawyblabla, 4.What Color are You?...What do you choose?
  10. Oh...there's this kind of weird comment on your quiz...what do you do?
  11. People who aren't the quizzers! Sorry if you felt left out. Just do what you would do, thanks. :) Now close to the end....what would you do if a new person asked what to in GoToQuiz?
  12. By the way, I AM a newbie. Now, what do you feel about every single quiz on the whole planet?
  13. You read someone's quiz...and with no doubt, it was kind of....bad. What do you do...?
  14. You're at the end of a long quiz. (Mine's not that long, right?) You just want to skip it...what do you do?
  15. It's the end. You..? ( All of these are 'You're really Good!)

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