The Best (and Most Accurate) Harry Potter House Quiz

There are so many Harry Potter quizzes out there. Many of them are petty and ask for your favourite color and animal, disregarding your personality. Many of them have horrible spelling and grammar. I'm here to provide a good, accurate, quiz.

So are you a Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin, or Ravenclaw. Be honest, the answers are never the obvious ones. I put a great deal of effort into making sure of that. Think carefully. I've put some great info on your House at the end, make sure to read it! Let the Sorting begin!

Created by: kmalfoi
  1. You find four items lying in a treasure chest. You can only pick one. Which?
  2. Pick the one you think is most important.
  3. Are you a team player?
  4. Are you an introvert?
  5. What do you think you are?
  6. You identify with which high-school stereotype? (be honest...)
  7. The people you have the hardest time relating to are...
  8. Other than Hufflepuffs (who get along with everyone...) who are your friends?
  9. You are most like...(don't try to cheat on this one...the answers aren't the obvious ones...)
  10. When you're in an argument...are you normally the first to back down?

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