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Greetings people who like to use GoToQuiz.com. It's such an epically awesome website isn't it? I don't know about you but I'm in love with GoToQuiz.com and after saying all those nice things this quiz BETTER MAKE IT TO THE TOP40!!!

So smexy ladies and cool gentlemen how much do you know about stuff? Just answer these nice and easy questions to find out. Remember have fun otherwise I'm kill you and your dreams. (I'm just kidding but have fun though)

Created by: Deaths B1tch
  1. As your aware there's a virus spreading called Bieber fever. If you had the chance would you destroy it or encourage it to spread?
  2. True or False. Nick Clegg is the deputy Prime Minister.
  3. Do you know of the Clitoris?
  4. What is the most evil thing in this world?
  5. " I wanna be the very best, what no one ever was, to catch them is my real test.....
  6. The UK government have announced this year's budget which involve cuts to...
  7. Did you know that they still show Yu-g-oh? If you do, what the name of the series? If you don't know, then, your not missing anything.
  8. Here's an really easy question. Why is the Sky blue?
  9. Being Homosexual/Bisexual or Transgendered is ok.
  10. Depression is a serious mental illness. Now name a group who stereotypically ACT depressed to get people to feel sorry for them.
  11. Can we agree to kill whoever started the Teddy thing? (This doesn't affect your score)
  12. It's PEANUT BUTTER...
  13. 'Any Way You Want It' is a song by which famous band?
  14. What the name of the product released by Apple that looks like a Iphone?
  15. In 2005 Nintendo gave us the NintendoDS then in 2007 they gave us the DSlite and in 2009 the DSi was released. What's the name of the newest edition to the DS family Nintendo will release.
  16. Would you say that if your happy with who you are and don't give a s--t about what others think, life is eaiser?
  17. Would you say that Apathy can be quite danerous if it's really extreme?
  18. Ok guys, One more question. If you don't know how to spell a word what should you not do? Think Hard.

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