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  • What fictional character are you like?
    [published: Jul 6, 2011]

    Hello one and all. Welcome to the 'What fictional character are you like' quiz. I bet you…

  • Are you Depressed?
    [published: Jul 4, 2011]

    Hi. If your taking this quiz you must be wondering whether you should or should not get evaluated for…

  • A quiz about stuff
    [published: Jul 4, 2010]

    Greetings people who like to use It's such an epically awesome website isn't it? I don't know…

  • A quiz for Pokemon fans. pt2
    [published: May 2, 2010]

    Well Hello Pokemon Fans! And I'd like to welcome you to the second part of my Pokemon Quizzes. You…

  • God vs Satan. Which side are you on?
    [published: Apr 11, 2010]

    Hi there! I'd like to welcome you to my little quiz. I hope you have a bit of fun and I…

  • A quiz for Pokemon fans
    [published: Mar 28, 2010]

    Well, hello there Pokemon Fans! Are you itching to test some of your pokemon knowlegde or do you want to…

  • How much do you Stereotype people?
    [published: Mar 17, 2010]

    Well, Hello there. By clicking on this quiz I guess either that the title interested you, your…

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