How much do you Stereotype people?

Well, Hello there. By clicking on this quiz I guess either that the title interested you, your looking to have some fun or your just a little bit bored. Well it's a good thing I made this quiz then.

So, how much do you Stereotype? I really want you guys and girls out thee to think to youself "Do I stereotype without realising?" and just one more thing; have FUN with this quiz and don't take the results to heart. =]

Created by: Deaths B1tch
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  1. If we were in class and I asked the person sitting next to you, who is a guy "Can I borrow a pen" then after he gave me the pen I said "thanks babes" and he said "anytime babes" What would you think?
  2. There's a kid in your class who always sits alone and doesn't talk to anybody. One day a rumour was going around about the kid and people said that they cut and during one of your classes they admit it's true, what do you think?
  3. Your on the bus and you can clearly hear the music coming from the headphones of the person next to you, and you hear the lyrics " I'll kill you and your dreams tonight, begin new life. Bleed your death upon me let your bloodline feed my youth" What would class the music as?
  4. Your in the waiting room at the Doctors waiting to see your GP, when a skinny guy, with tight jeans and pink t-shirt came from the reception desk and sat next to you, he then crosses his legs like a girl would, what do you think?
  5. At breaktime I walk up to my friend and ask him "what did you during the weekend?" and he replies by saying "been playing call of duty" and starts about the stuff that happens while he's online, 20 mins later he's still talking about it. What do think about my friend?
  6. If I told you that I generally don't like people and I hardly go out with my friends what would you think?
  7. The teacher comes up to me and saids " stop being so lazy and do the work" and I reply by saying " It's not that I'm lazy, it's just that I'm too apathetic to care" what do you think about my comment?
  8. If I told you that my Grandfather and I always watch Cricket then afterward talk about the match, what would you think about me?
  9. If I told you that occasionally I hear Voices when I'm alone, what would you think?
  10. Now imagine one day if you have a kid and their best friend was homosexual and of the same gender as your child. Now they spent a lot of time together and they're almost inseperable. What do you think about their friendship?
  11. If I told you that Religion just slows down humanities progress, what would you think?
  12. Ok, bye now, and if you rate and comment be as brutally honest as you like, so I know how I can improve my quizzes. (This question doesn't affect your score)

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Quiz topic: How much do I Stereotype people?