A quiz for Pokemon fans

Well, hello there Pokemon Fans! Are you itching to test some of your pokemon knowlegde or do you want to prove to yourself that your an ultimate fan? Well then, you've certainly come to the right place.

So, let's find out the answer to the questions in your mind, How much do you know about Pokemon? Are you the Ultimate fan? Well then let's begin! AND remember to have fun, mkay?

Created by: Deaths B1tch
  1. Let's start easy, who is Ash's main partner?
  2. In Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver the first pokemon in your party can follow you around. So in which game was this feature orginally introduced in?
  3. Name the only pokemon to die in one of the movies.
  4. When could players first choose the option to become a girl?
  5. What do people say was the biggest desicion you had to make when you first started your pokemon career?
  6. Is there going to be a 5th generation of Pokemon?
  7. How many pokemon movies are there?
  8. In the first series Ash challanged the Vermillion City gym leader who had a Raichu. They battled and Pikachu lost and then after it healed in the pokemon center it had a decision to make. What was it?
  9. Which of these pokemon did not evolve from a 2nd generation pokemon?
  10. Which of these Pokemon is NOT a steel type?
  11. Which of the following weaknesses do Psychic types have?
  12. What does Brock do which causes his Croagunk to Poison Jab him?
  13. Who has a Phobia of bug type pokemon?
  14. Which Pokemon is NOT a Poison type?
  15. How many types are there?
  16. Name the Pokemon which CAN'T change it's Forme.
  17. How many games have the battle frontier?
  18. What ability does Blissey have?
  19. In their final evolved forms how many of the starter pokemon remain mono-types?
  20. Is Arceus the best pokemon ever?
  21. What pokemon does Dawn's mother have?
  22. What was the name of the Trainer who beat Ash in the Hoenn Pokemon League.
  23. Fill in the missing words: In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness _________ is the reason why Diagla loses control of time and why Palkia __________ then _______ you and your partner.
  24. Which 4th generation Legendary doesn't have an Signature move?
  25. Ambipom can only learn fake out by...
  26. Does Pokemon have a theme song? (Get this wrong and I will kill you)
  27. What team is Archie from?
  28. Ditto can only learn Transform.
  29. Which Pokemon does Max bond with?
  30. How many pokemon have NO weaknessess?

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