This quiz is for Pokemon fans only. Anyone may take it but I said it is for Pokemon fans only because you must have played, watched, and knew Pokemon to take this quiz. So if you dont understand dont blame anyone but yourself.

Are you ready to find which legendary you are. The only choices are Arceus, giratina, dialga, palkia, mewtwo, and rayquaza my favorites. I hope you enjoy.

Created by: Lebron James
  1. which Legendary Pokemon are you
  2. If you were trying to be caught by a powerful trainer what would you do?
  3. He/she caught you what is your reaction
  4. the trainer battles his/her rival he/she has strong Pokemon
  5. your trainer wins he/she rewards everyone in her team including you
  6. the trainer has a Garchomp, Charizard, Hydreigon, Avalugg, and a Swampert who would you make friends with
  7. Your trainer got all the Gym Badges from each region now your trainer challenges all of the Pokemon Leagues what is your reaction
  8. Your trainer beat all of the Pokemon Leagues how do you feel
  9. Your trainer beat all of his/her rivals and caught lots of Pokemon he/she has nothing to do and decides to retire as a Pokemon Trainer he/she releases you and all her Pokemon
  10. He/she decides to quit retirement then he/she comes across you again with a master ball in hand and with all her previous pokemon (your old friends/rivals) what do you do
  11. which Legendary do you think you are

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