Which Legendary Pokemon are you

This quiz is for pokemon fans specifically. Many pokemon fans like legendary pokemon and some even want to be one. (for the newer fans) What is a legendary Pokemon? A legendary pokemon is a very powerful pokemon that has a part to play in the world for example kyogre's part to play is he creates water. Legendary pokemon have further superior stats than regular pokemon.

So are you ready to take the quiz. The options are limited to Arceus Mewtwo Giratina Dialga Palkia Rayquaza Lugia Kyurem Hoopa and Darkrai. Choose wisely and be honest with your answers. You may get what you want or you may not. Good luck and God Bless

Created by: NIghtwing21

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite type?
  2. You are peacefully sleeping/testing your powers/whatever you do in your free time then a powerful trainer comes fully ready with a pokeball in hand what is your reaction
  3. The trainer caught you
  4. Is the trainer a boy or girl? (this isnt a question just pick the gender you want you cant go wrong here)
  5. what generation are you from
  6. Your trainer also has a Pidgeot Aggron Infernape Hydreigon and Greninja who will you pick as your best friend
  7. A tough trainer challenges your trainer he is very strong wants to beat your trainer up how will you react?
  8. You won
  9. After getting all 8 badges from Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova and Kalos your trainer decides to challenge each pokemon league
  10. After beating each and every pokemon league your trainer rewards each of his or her pokemon what would you want
  11. After completing some side quests, battling more trainers, and catching more pokemon your trainer decides to let all of you go
  12. Your trainer catches you and all his/her pokemon again
  13. Your trainer challenges his/her rival the rival was winning but your trainer got the upperhand and won
  14. what's your favorite color
  15. And finally rate my quiz (no effect)

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