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Have you followed Ash through his many adventures? Think you know Pokemon? Fellow fans of the hugely popular Pokemon series have created these quizzes for you to enjoy and share.

Our Pokemon Quizzes

  • What Pokemon are you?
    [by: Brad, rated: rated: 3.07/5, published: Feb 18, 2007]

    There are over three hundred Pokemon in this world. Have you ever wondered which one you are most like. If you truly want to be a Pokemaster then come take…

  • The Ultimate Pokemon Quiz
    [by: Michael, rated: rated: 2.8/5, published: Jun 3, 2007]

    Everyone knows that Eevee has seven possible evolutions, and everyone knows the starter Pokemon. Everyone even knows that the appearance of Absol means…

  • What Pokemon Are You?
    [by: Jason, rated: rated: 4/5, published: Oct 4, 2007]

    Some people think they are a tough Machamp, some think they are as "bright" as Riolu, some like Ditto, some even like little Quilfish, but take this quiz to…

  • Pokemon Trivia: How much do you know about Pokemon
    [by: Rubyheart528, rated: rated: 3.89/5, published: Nov 25, 2016]

    Pokemon is very popular among children but there are only a few that know their facts. Are you one one of them? Take this quiz to find out if you know your…

  • Which Pokemon: Down the Line character are you? [fanfic]
    [by: pkmndowntheline, rated: rated: 3.84/5, published: Apr 22, 2020]

    25 years have passed since Ash set out on his journey. Now his daughter and her friends are ready to embark on their own adventures and discover the…

  • Pokemon Quiz--what pokemon are you?
    [by: Sarah, rated: rated: 3.46/5, published: Oct 11, 2007]

    You like Pokemon? I do! And when it comes to choosing between Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur, it's hard. Very hard. Fire could beat up some gyms, so…

  • What Pokemon Are You?
    [by: Gylfie, rated: rated: 3.2/5, published: Dec 18, 2010]

    There are so many Pokemon out there,so many to choose from...but which one should you go for? This is a quiz that shall help with that...after all, it should…

  • Are You A Pokemon Master
    [by: Ron, rated: rated: 2.72/5, published: Apr 22, 2007]

    Are you a Pokemon master? Do you know the games, manga, toys and everything else about it like the back of your hand? then take this quiz and show the world…

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