Shinx Trivia Quiz

Only shinx lovers can do this quiz. I hope you know your shinx, because shinx is the center of this trivia quiz. Go for the 100%! Win that trophy and answer those questions!!!

I know almost every thing about shinx, (everything in this quiz plus more!) I hope you know everything about shinx that I put in this quiz. Now... DO THIS QUIZ!!!

Created by: phantom

  1. What is a shinx?
  2. What colour is shinx?
  3. Shinx is the...
  4. Shinx can learn flash on it's own.
  5. What does shinx start out with?
  6. What region is shinx from?
  7. Shinx has __ evolution forms.
  8. Shinx can change forms.
  9. The star on the end of its tail has __ points.
  10. If a shinx saw a threat it will blind it's foe and ______ while it's temperaily blinded.

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