Hard Riordan book Trivia

Take this quiz or get pitched into Chaos or Tartarus and die. This is a trivia made by Trivia(Hecate's Roman form). Be sure to score good or get Fields of Punishment.

Welcome, half-blood, it is time for you to take your test. I hope you are not ADHD or dyslexic or you will be so enraged you will rage quit and die. Haha.

Created by: Ben
  1. Let's start of easy, What does Percy think when he first meets Annabeth?
  2. What does Annabeth first say to Percy?
  3. Who is the godly parent of Chris Rodiguez?
  4. In the prophecy of The Titan's Curse, what is "the bane of Olympus"?
  5. What is Riptide's original form and owner?
  6. Who was Apollo's attacker at the beginning of The Hidden Oracle?
  7. What was the shape of the killing potion's vial in Medea's shop?
  8. What was Annabeth's trial under Rome for the Athena Parthenos?
  9. What does Clarisse make for Silena after Beckendorf dies?
  10. How many pencils does Butch stuff in Clovis's nose?
  11. What does Calypso say to Leo when he arrives at Ogygia?
  12. What did Calypso and Annabeth did in common to Percy?
  13. This is weird but.... MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

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