The Ultimate Pokemon Quiz

Everyone knows that Eevee has seven possible evolutions, and everyone knows the starter Pokemon. Everyone even knows that the appearance of Absol means impending danger. But do you know where Cubone get their skulls, or what makes Feebas evolve? Take this quiz to prove to us what you really know.

How much do you REALLY know about Pokemon? Answer these questions and see what you really know. Are you as brainy as Alakazam or as dim as Slowpoke? Have fun, learn something new and don't worry if you don't do very well. You can always try again!

Created by: Michael
  1. How many tails does Buizel have?
  2. Which object is most associated with Clefairy?
  3. Forcing which Dark Pokemon to travel during the day causes stress?
  4. Which Pokemon followed Ash, Misty and Brock around in the anime, singing to them?
  5. Which Pokemon never gives up hope, even against physically superior opponents?
  6. Why do Turtwig like to live near lakes?
  7. Which of these Pokemon can be described as "xerophytic"?
  8. What happens to Mankey when they get angry?
  9. What are the two elements of Drapion?
  10. Why was the idea of using Porygon2 as a space probe abandoned?
  11. When do Sneasel gather on icy mountain peaks?
  12. Which statistic does Feebas need to maximize to evolve into Milotic?
  13. Which of these Pokemon is bigger?
  14. Where do Sandslash prefer to live?
  15. What does Nuzleaf do with the leaf on its head?
  16. How many people actually enjoy the smell that Gloom emits?
  17. How does Swinub find food?
  18. Which of these is not true about Golem?
  19. How can one resurrect Aerodactyl?
  20. Who did the skull that all Cubone wear belong too?

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