Which Pokemon: Down the Line character are you?

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25 years have passed since Ash set out on his journey. Now his daughter and her friends are ready to embark on their own adventures and discover the incredible world of Pokemon!

Which character/fankid from Pokemon: Down the Line are you most similar to? You can find out by answering all 20 of the questions included within this quiz!

Created by: pkmndowntheline of Our Blog!
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  1. Which of the following colors most closely represents your aura?
  2. Which element most closely represents your personality?
  3. What is your Hogwarts house?
  4. Which animal are you most drawn to?
  5. Pick one.
  6. How would you describe yourself?
  7. What is your best quality out of the following?
  8. Which of the seven deadly sins best describes you?
  9. You are presented with the following 3 Pokemon. Which do you choose?
  10. Your favorite entertainment genre is...
  11. You spend your free time doing...
  12. How do you prefer to travel?
  13. Your Pokemon team would be made up of...
  14. A sleeping Snorlax is blocking your path to Lavender Town. You need to get there before the next battle tournament tomorrow. If you wake it, it will move but be angered. If you leave it, it's not going to move, but at least you'll be unharmed. What do you do?
  15. Your significant other has entered the same battle tournament as you. How do you handle it?
  16. You've gotten into a fight with one of your companions after they accidentally tore your sleeping bag. How do you resolve it?
  17. While traveling on Route 24, you find a bag filled with Gold Nuggets that someone must have dropped. What do you do?
  18. Your Pokemon is injured during the final round of the Pokemon League Tournament. There is a 50/50 chance that you could win the match or lose the match with a seriously injured Pokemon. What do you do?
  19. You and your companions are trying to decide where to head next. Where do you choose?
  20. Your friend tells you a secret and makes you promise to keep it to yourself. However, the secret contains information that could potentially hurt another friend if you don't share. What do you do?

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