What would your very first Pokmon be?

Which Pokémon would you start out with? When you finally turn ten and get to go out and become a Pokémon trainer, which one will be your first and very best friend?

Now, I realize that you are probably older than ten. Let’s just say that you are transported to Pokémon world and start over at that age! :);) wouldn’t that be cool?!

Created by: Sauron

  1. Choose your favorite type of Pokemon
  2. Favorite class?
  3. Pick a word to describe yourself
  4. You wake up. It’s the day you get to start your Pokémon journey!! What do you do first?
  5. What season is it outside?
  6. You walk to get your first Pokémon, your bag is stuffed with... wait what is your bag stuffed with?
  7. You just got your Pokémon! It’s time to say goodbye to everyone. What will you miss most about home?
  8. You’re off! Is anyone coming with you?
  9. You make it out of town. Which road do you take?
  10. You’re starving, where do you go to eat?
  11. It’s getting dark, where are you gonna sleep?
  12. Do you have big dreams and lots of motivation to achieve those dreams?
  13. How would you describe your stance on traveling?
  14. Would you say you are more humorous or protective?
  15. Do you work hard and never give up?

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Quiz topic: What would my very first Pokmon be?