Pokemon Type Fight!

Pokemon! Everyone loves Pokemon and they know how important type match-ups are for every battle. Knowing how types of pokemon interact with one another is the key to victory!

So how much do you know about Pokemon Types? I mean you have your basic triangle of Fire, Water and Grass. But how about the other thirteen types? Take this little quiz and you'll know!

Created by: Shuridoodx2

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  1. A Charizard holding Charizardite X is flying this way! Who do you pick?
  2. Swilix just stole your cotton candy! How do you avenge your treat?
  3. Oh s---. That Magikarp you kicked off the harbor? It just turned into a Gyrados. DO SOMETHING
  4. It's Lance! And he's bringing his 3 Dragonites. You only have 1 pokemon left.
  5. It's a hoard of Sudowoodos! Choose a pokemon before boulders start raining.
  6. It's Team Flare! And they have Zubats to twhart your do gooding ways!
  7. Pokemon Tower! The safest place for a young pokemon trainer right? Well, atleast it was before a corpse came out of the ground. He and his ghost buddies look pretty hungry...
  8. Mighty Morphing Mega Evolution Time! It's the Pokemon most likely to show up in Pacific Rim 2, Mega Aggron! Ready? FIGHT!
  9. We're almost done! Now we have the Unbeatable Typing of Spiritomb! There's no way to defeat this legion of spirits! .... is there?
  10. Alright! FINAL ROUND! You've survived a frenzied Gyrados, Multitudes of dragons, Pissed off rock plants, The newest brand of incompetent evil, Ghosties and ghoulies, And saved Hoenn from the great Kaiju threat Mega Aggron! So What's your final challenge? Well It's your rival of course! And they want to battle! Your response?

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