How Well Do You Know Pokemon?

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There are many Pokemon fans out there, but not as many true fans. Take this quiz to find out if your a real fan or not! Or you can just take this quiz because your bored. Either way works I guess xD

I would like to apologize ahead of time for any misspelled names or places. Well anyway have fun with my quiz! Hope you enjoy it! - You Worst Nightmare -

Created by: Your Worst Nightmare
  1. What Pokemon are in the Tao Trio?
  2. How many regions are there?
  3. What are the Kanto starter pokemon?
  4. What is Houndour and Houndoom based off of?
  5. The Illusion Fox Pokemon is?
  6. Is Aerodactyl a Legendary Pokemon?
  7. Who are the last Gym leaders in Unova?
  8. How many forums does Giratina have?
  9. How do you Evolve a Pikachu?
  10. Absol is the _______ Pokemon.
  11. N is the King of which Team?
  12. Giratina Lives In...?
  13. Who/what is Looker?
  14. Dialga is the ruler of?
  15. Whats Palkia's Special move?
  16. Who is Alder?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Pokemon?