Do you know your pokemon?

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Some people say pokemon is dumb, so take this quiz to show your pokemon love and spread it with the world. In this quiz you will see how much you know about these creatures.

Do you think you know a lot about pokemon? And want to become a pokemon master? Well we will find out if you know enough about pokemon to become a master.

Created by: lily

  1. In Pokepark 2 wonders beyond which pokemon decides to stay in Wish Park.
  2. which is the last evolving form of Snivy
  3. Which pokemon loves Merril?
  4. In pokepark 2 wonders beyond who is the pokemon guarding the Arbor Area?
  5. Which pokemon turns into Samerott?
  6. Which pokemon is a flying type?
  7. Who is the owner of the cake attraction in Pokepark 2 wonders Beyond?
  8. Which pokemon is a fixtation pokemon?
  9. Which pokemon won a battle 100 times in a row without losing?
  10. Which season form of Deerling is Snivy's friend?
  11. Where does (spring form) Deerling live?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my pokemon?