what legendary pokemon are you?

this will help you discribe yourself if you were in that t.v. show you watch, or a pokemon atleast... you can be smart and wise like reshiram and zekrom, or not yet evolved like natu...

ok, so you think that this is some ordinary quiz were you find out what dumb stupid animal you are right, no! this is not only about pokemon, its about what LEGENDARY pokemon YOU are!

Created by: roxann

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you freindly or shy?
  2. are you curious about others?
  3. how tall are you?
  4. if a freind is getting beaten up, what do you do?
  5. whats your favorite party snack?
  6. do you have a hard time doing things when people are wathing?
  7. ummm...
  8. this is hard!
  9. are you fat?
  10. is life tough for you 'cause your small?

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Quiz topic: What legendary pokemon am I?