A quiz for Pokemon fans. pt2

Well Hello Pokemon Fans! And I'd like to welcome you to the second part of my Pokemon Quizzes. You can check the first part just by clicking on my name.

Now, it's time to get those brains of yours rearing so you, can test some of your Pokemon knowledge! So, are you a huge Pokemon fan? Well here's your chance you prove to yourself that you are. Remember, HAVE FUN!

Created by: Deaths B1tch
  1. What number of the pokedex is Illumise?
  2. True or False: You can only obtain Girantina in it's origin forme in Pokemon Platinum.
  3. How many formes does Rotom have?
  4. True or False: Dark and Steel type Pokemon were introduced in the 2nd generation of pokemon.
  5. Is it possible for a Togepi to use the move Judgement?
  6. Is Zorua a real pokemon?
  7. In the 13th Pokemon Movie, Phantom Champion Zoroack, from which of the regions do the Legandary Pokemon which are fetured in the film come from?
  8. True or False: Is the following description of Zigzagoon from Pokemon Platinum: " It walks in a zigzag fashion. It is good at finding items in the grass and even in the ground "
  9. The 5th generation of Pokemon. I'm can't wait. Anywho, what are name of the two games coming out in Japan late 2010 and unfortunley the rest of the world has to wait until 2011. =[
  10. Can you catch Pokemon once they faint?
  11. True or False: There are WiiWare titles which are also Pokemon Games.
  12. True of False: All the rubbish Nintendo events are on Wi-fi.
  13. What number of the pokedex is Gallade?
  14. Pokemon is Satanic. True or False.
  15. In Pokemon Battle Revolution, at Stargazer colosseum how many ranks are there.
  16. How many Pokemon games can you play multiplayer in the Battle Castle?
  17. True or False: You can link 2nd generation games with 3rd generation games. e.g Pokemon Crystal with Pokemon Ruby.
  18. True or False: Ho-oh has less weaknesses than Lugia does but Ho-oh has a major weakness.
  19. Which woman does Brock fancy the most?
  20. In the last episode in the series Pokemon Battle Frontier which Pokemon follows Ash and Pikachu on the ship heading to the Sinnoh region?
  21. What moves does Mime Jr have to learn so it can evolve?
  22. True or False: Natures affect the amount of EVs each stat recieves.
  23. True or False: You can't battle anybody on Wi-fi unless you have their friend code.

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