How Great Is Your Pokemon Knowledge?

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Welcome to the ultimate Pokemon Professor quiz!Do You think you’re a true Pokémon Professor?Pass this test and show me!This test is slightly challenging but if you’re a Pokemon Professor you should be able to solve it right?There are many Pokemon Professors in the Pokemon World,such as Professor Elm,Professor Birch,Professor Rowan,Professor Juniper,Professor Scyamore,Professor Kukui,Professor Mangolia and the most important of them all,Professor Oak.Can you surpass them?

This quiz might not be suitable for newer Pokemon fans.But it’s easy for veteran ones,and decently challenging for good fans.Overall,i think it is a good way to test your Pokemon knowledge.Enjoy and good luck!P.S:This is my first quiz,so please try to be kind.

Created by: Ralph
  1. Zubat has appeared In every generation so far.
  2. What isSlaking’s base state total?
  3. How many Ultra Beasts are known?
  4. A=Chansey’s base HP B=Number Of water types introduced in gen1 A+B=?
  5. How many steel/fairies exist?
  6. Hattrem is psychic/fairy.
  7. How many fire type Pokemon there are in gen1?
  8. How many bug types are introduced in gen5?
  9. How many dragon/ground Pokemon there are?
  10. Shuckle has the highest base defence of all non-mega Pokemon
  11. Happiny Comes from gen...
  12. How many dragon/poison types there are?
  13. What is Pupitar’s type?
  14. What is the first Pokemon ever created?
  15. What is the number of abilities non-affected by “mummy”?
  16. A=Number of ghost/fire types B=Number the base HP of the Pokemon who has the second lowest one in the entire Pokémon history A+B=?
  17. There are 3 bug/steel Pokemon.
  18. How many Pokemon that are evolutions of Pokemon from previous Pokemon exist in Gen4?
  19. What is the name of the ability which protects your Pokemon against secondary effects?
  20. In gen1 poison is super effective against bug.
  21. A male gardevoir is legit.
  22. Does Pamtre Berry exists?
  23. Currently,what is the rarest type?
  24. What does Conversion2,as a Z move?
  25. Is it true that Shuckle can give you a berry juice in gen2?
  26. A=Number of the letters of the”Diaster Pokemon”B=Number of types in PokemonA+B=?

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Quiz topic: How Great Is my Pokemon Knowledge?